Passion and Purpose

 May trust live within you,
may peace flow all around you,
may love be who you are!

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Helping people transform since 1986

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Hi!  My name is Ehsida Bisset.  I’m  a gentle metaphysician with clairsentient abilities, which is a fancy way of saying I love and accept people so deeply and completely  that an instant bridge or “oneness,” occurs, allowing me to sense what people experience, as well as understand their emotions without taking them on.
A physician is trained to assist the physical body and a metaphysician is trained to assist the spiritual and emotional bodies, which can in turn positively affect the physical body. Some hospitals in the East have a physician’s wing and a Metaphysician’s wing for their patients. Combining both modalities can inspire more rapid and thorough wholeness.
Not only is this work extraordinarily rewarding, it inspires my own inner work every day, so I remain clean, clear and confident that I offer only pure love, joy and understanding to clients.
My greatest passion is inspiring absolute love and appreciation for who you are and why you are here, so you may reap the rewards of your infinite potential  and  live the most fulfilling life imaginable.
 If you’re not ready for a session, please feel free to read the quick help page if you would like to follow some basic guidelines to work through simple life issues on your own. 






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