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“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”

Desiderius Erasmus


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“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”

~ Rumi

Please review the list of exciting options and choose a session that will fulfill your needs. Please read Terms of Service and Refund Policy under the Sessions Menu before you schedule an appointment.

My specialty is working with Indigos and Starseeds with more complicated and activated neurology
Session Options:


Listening from the Heart

Need someone to listen privately and confidentially without being judged or misunderstood? Do you want to feel validated, acknowledged, accepted, loved and supported. I’m here to listen from the heart…

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Healing Your Relationships

Are you having difficulty understanding the behavior of your partner, family member, or co-worker ? Have you thought about moving on from a relationship but don’t know how, or if it’s the right move?  Do you have a “soulmate” feeling about someone but don’t feel reciprocation,… and still can’t let go? Do you have an emotional scar that just won’t heal, causing your heart to close down to your original “child like love” that yearns to to be expressed and shared?…

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Pain Relief and Emotional Healing

Got pain? Not feeling well? Having difficulty sleeping? Exhausted most of the time? Have you been to numerous healers and doctors without any lasting improvement or certain diagnosis? It may be time to look within and see if the cause is energetic or emotional…

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Dream Interpretations

The higher mind communicates important messages in symbolic dreams. The images and feelings you experience often tell stories meant to feed your soul, and break through illusions of limitation….

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Alchemy I 

For those brave enough to step into a more authentic life. Be ready to act, talk, walk, think, feel, and respond as a new you. You may request to be addressed by a new title…

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Alchemy II – In Person

(Currently a two year waiting list for Alchemy II)

Sacred techniques and revered healing practices from the East are applied to transform and uplift your energy field, lighten your heart and anchor well being…

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