Alchemy II – In Person Session


What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.


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We can change our lives.
We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.

Tony Robbins


Alchemy II ~  In Person Session


Spiritual Love, empathic intuition, as well as sacred techniques such as Sang Wa, Kinesiology, Ho’oponopono, The Bronokov Method, Sunshine Healing, Tapping EFT, TCM emotional reprogramming, Gi Gong, Affirmations, Neuro Linguistic De-programming, Mirror Flame Work, Energetic readings and healings, and many other sacred and rejuvenating divine practices may be applied to transform and uplift your energy field, lighten your heart and anchor well being. No physical contact is involved.


What you can expect: You can expect attentive in person listening and gentle understanding. You can expect your session to begin on time. You can expect to be treated with kindness and compassion and be supported as you look within. You can expect a bit of playful, joyful conversation to break old patterns and open to new insights consciously to remove habits, addictions, and unwanted thoughts and behaviors.  Some processes may involve covering basics universal truths, such as:

    The basics of a holographic universe and how to wield energy through imaging, love, playfulness, repatterining your subconscious and mastering emotions and thoughts. How to change  beliefs? How to discover your purpose, your true self and the meaning of your life. What the theme of your life has been and how to change it if you wish. Where you came from and where you’re going.   Why you may feel like an alien here?
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Alchemy II sessions may also enhance certain abilities, such as:


~ Improve the way you perceive yourself, your life and others.

~ Help you discover positive beliefs and patterns and anchor them in your subconscious.

~ Re-write traumatic circumstances so they have new positive meaning

~ Learn tools to encourage love and acceptance of yourself in every moment.

~ Implementing new techniques that support you in living your new choices.

~ Experience yourself as a new person with a new past. Change the past from the present.

~ Learn the most important emotion you must have every day to increase well being, and how to get it.

~ Learn techniques that can boost energy, clarity and mental alertness.

~ Shift dimensions consciously.

~ Understand ancient healing techniques for enhanced well being, longevity and personal power.

~ Learn meditations specifically meant for you.

~ Learn to receive unconditional love and acceptance.



Prerequisite: One or two Championing phone sessions prior to Alchemy II will determine if you’re ready to receive the full benefits of this powerful session




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