Alchemy I – In Person Session

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“It is never too late to be who you might have been.”

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“Courage is a love affair with the unknown.”

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Alchemy I – In Person Session

Currently a two year waiting list for Alchemy I and II

Step into your new life on a walk in nature. Be ready to act, talk, walk, think, feel, believe, behave, vibrate and respond as the new you. You may request to be addressed by a new title that suits your transformed image. This session has also been helpful for actors embracing a new character and performers preparing for the stage.


Please be ready to respond as a new person in every possible way.  Your  new choices will be supported as we walk and talk together, anchoring your new way of moving through life. 



Prerequisite: One or two Championing phone sessions prior to Alchemy I walk will determine if you’re ready to receive the full benefits of this powerful session. If you want to implement the Alchemy I principles but do not wish to take a walk, we can accommodate your wishes in the Alchemy II session.

What you can expect: You can expect to meet somewhere safe, fresh, healthy, park-like and beautiful in Santa Barbara, California. You can expect to walk at a moderate pace to allow communication. You can expect emotional, and mental support and encouragement while playing out the part of your new self. You can expect reflection on your new identity, and applause. You can expect to be asked questions that will trigger your brain to work in a new way. You will be asked to describe your new self and make a few declarations about who you are now. You can expect playfulness, friendliness, attentive listening and unconditional spiritual love. You can expect to be seen and supported as the miraculous new you!


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