Energy Vampire


Around certain people stuff goes missing…
like love, enthusiasm, vitality, energy, safety, peace and happiness.


4) This person makes you feel drained, tired, repulsed or bored?

   There are people in this world who have no ability to generate their own energy, so they live off the energy of other people. Darkness or shadow often surrounds energy vampires. You may feel dread being near them or at the very sight of them. Your inner child may start kicking and screaming, pleading with you to run run run away as fast as you can. But of course you don’t because you have been trained to be a very polite human being and ignore your inner feelings and your inner child. Besides, what could be so dangerous about an energy vampire?

   Well, if you don’t have an extra day or two to sleep, if you don’t want to start craving energy rich foods like you have not eaten in months, if you want your moods to remain stable and happy, if you have a project you need to be alert for or a relationship with someone you want to maintain in perfect harmony, then being near this energy vampire is a very bad idea.


Energy Vampires often enter our lives when we require a wake up call on setting boundaries, commanding our space, and taking immediate proactive measures when something feels wrong or bad.

How well do you respond to your inner needs? Are you aware of what is happening in your environment ? How alert are you to what the person next to you is doing with your energy field?

   There are a number of self proclaimed Energy Vampires that have actually written books about why they must suck the energy of others and how they lack the ability to regenerate on their own. This is real. There are many different species of beings on this planet and the Energy Vampire is one you must be aware of. They certainly merit our compassion, yet they do have the ability to reconnect with their own soul and grow their own energy themselves. This takes a lot of work, but it is possible.

   If you find yourself around an energy vampire declare your space in your mind. Put an energy field around your body with your imagination and send the message very clearly that you are not open for feeding. An energy vampire will quickly look for a new meal and move on. If they don’t, move on yourself. This may sound strange or unreal, but, just because we cannot see certain things does not mean they are not real. Light is a reality even though blind people cannot see it and most of humanity is blind to the 95% of reality that exists beyond the spectrum of human vision.

   It’s important to FEEL your way through life instead of relying solely on the mind, because the mind is just a computer programmed by someone else. Your inner feelings alert you to the truth and guide you to a more rewarding, safe and healthy life.

©2017 Ehsida Bisset