Envy, Jealousy or Self-Consciousness

When we compare ourselves with someone else we insult our own soul.

2) This person stirs up feelings connected to something you have lost, yearn for, gave away, had taken away, or lack? May feel like Envy, Jealousy, Self consciousness, or Lack of self esteem.

   Life takes us on twists and turns and many times we don’t notice how much pain we are in until someone reflects those unhealed wounds for us. If you feel anger, sadness or hollowness around someone and you don’t know why, ask yourself these questions and see if you can find the root of your pain.

~ Do you compare yourself with people and feel less than?

~ Is there something or someone you no longer have in your life that this person is reminding you of? For example: youth, freedom, love, wealth, confidence or special friendships.

~ Was something taken from you, lost or given away that has left an emptiness or regret within?

~ Does this person remind you of someone who has or could take your pride, dignity, self-respect, confidence, love, health, child, pet, partner, home, money or safety?

~ Does this person know more than you when you thought you knew everything?

~ Does this person remind you of who you came here to be before life took you down a different path?

~ Do you feel you have lost your childlike playfulness, vitality, abilities, vigor and excitement for life; your sex appeal, good looks, or your intrigue?

~ Do you copy people you admire because you don’t believe your own style is good enough…or because you have never found your own style?

~ Have you given too much of yourself and have nothing to show for it?


People that reflect our emptiness or loss enter our lives when we are ready to embark upon our heroic journey and be who we came here to be. Are you ready to live according to your soul and stop allowing life, bullies and circumstances to push you around.

How much time do you spend each day investing in your own sacred talents and abilities? Do you believe in your heroic self? What makes your heart sing? Are you willing to be happy inside even if it means you no longer play the role you are comfortable with that makes you feel empty?  What new decisions can you put into action right away?

   Those who trigger pain lead us to inner reflection that can greatly improves our lives. Eventually, we feel gratitude and this is one sign we have healed. Next year this same person may not bother you at all, it all depends on how much you are willing to invest in yourself and your personal growth and power. You deserve to be living the life your soul intended. 

©2017 Ehsida Bisset