Laozi’s Humor

laozi picture frame

Hi, this is Laozi our Laughing Giraffe.
Laozi is part of the Sunshine Happiness Team here
at, acting as our official Giggle Ambassador.
He may show up from time to time in posts
and pages to remind you to remain playful,
which Laozi believes is the key to overcoming life’s challenges.
Laozi has a special love for Steven Wright, so he likes to share his jokes.
As Laozi often tells us at our general meetings:
~ Laughter is essential to good health and beauty!

~Throw back head, knee slapping laughter can even give you a washboard tummy!
~ Laughter is proven to be one of the best things to strengthen the heart!

~ Laughter burns calories!

~ Laughter lightens up every room!

~ Laughter brings us into the present moment!

~Laughter causes us to take in more oxygen!

~ Laughter can be just as nourishing as vitamins!

~ Laughter is a friend magnet!

~Laughter can inspire kindness, mend wounds and heal hearts!

~Laughter is sugar free, gluten free, calorie free, non- GMO and non-allergenic!
Please laugh as uproariously and wonderfully as possible
throughout the day.

 Lightheartedness and playfulness are an essential part of the work we do here at Tickled!!!!!!!