I Believe

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I believe that deep down we ALL love each other unconditionally!


I believe that if you exist, you must be spectacularly magnificent,
because existence creates organic humans out of love and light!


I believe it is normal to trust and share and laugh together freely, even if you don’t speak the same language or share the same race or religion, because authentic humans are made of the same stuff, Love.


I believe that every person we meet enters our life for a reason, even a brief passing or a glance from across the room. Everything we see reflects the thoughts, feelings, fears, joys, awakenings, lessons and beliefs we contain.


I believe that everything is alive and bursting with consciousness, just waiting to expand and transform in miraculous ways. That means you!


I believe that no matter where you are in your life right now you are exactly where you need to be.


Declare it all GOOD!


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I believe everything that uplifts humanity comes from dignity.  Even if it’s changing diapers, opening the door for a stranger, or smiling as you pass someone along the street.


I believe that every choice made from unconditional  LOVE leads to victory.


I believe that some “human flaws” are endearing and often the most remarkable qualities.


I believe we have virtue far beyond our wildest imagination…that we all have something extremely important to contribute to the world and that every thing we do or don’t do each day carries great significance.


I believe that a beautiful heart creates a beautiful person through and through.


I believe playfulness is the quickest way to genius and that…
seriousness is overrated.


I believe we all have access to higher intelligence and that every creative act is proof of that, and that every destructive act is a sign of resistance to cultivating true power.
I believe we all contain the ability to create miracles that uplift and inspire.


I believe you cannot share love until YOU ARE LOVE.


I perceive kindness and goodness as power and
cruelty as a complete disconnection from power.


I believe happiness is the key to success and knowing your worth the key to abundance.


I believe you exist for a reason! You have a profound purpose to share with the world and I’m excited to see what that is.


I believe in you !!!


Copyrights© 2015   Ehsida   

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