Inner Reflection



Opportunity resides within every disturbance 

5) Not sure why this person disturbs you? It’s possible they represent qualities you want to change in your own life.

   If someone has a temper and you go to every length possible to contain your own temper, being around this person may remind you of all the pent up emotions inside and make you feel like you are living in a cage bursting to get out. If this person is lazy and you work 24/7, they may trigger feelings that life is unfair or perhaps  they cause you to question if working too hard is really worth it when others just sit around on the beach all day. You may see someone eating sugar and recognize you no longer want to eat sugar, so you don’t want to be near that person. Or someone is drinking alcohol and you gave up alcohol a year ago, but miss it. Being around this person may stir anger because they are doing what you want to do.


When someone enters your life to remind you of qualities in your own life you want to change, this may be an indication you are judging yourself for the qualities they reflect. You may judge yourself for still wanting a glass of wine, or a piece of chocolate cake or the opportunity to scream or share an unpopular opinion. If you are wanting to lose weight and you feel uncomfortable around a heavy person, this is a helpful reflection your own judgement of heaviness may be the weight holding you down.

   Locate the quality you feel uncomfortable with and do all you can to release your judgement of it. This will help you release the quality from your subconscious where it is still hiding. Forgiving work, release work, compassionate witnessing, journalling or sharing how you feel with someone who you trust may help a lot.

© 2017 Ehsida Bisset