My Story


“Beauty has it’s own frequency.” 


Everything of value occurred to me
 while studying all that remains
natural and in tune with its source.


Growing up deep in the woods is grounding; it connects a child to the REAL, which is everything that expresses pure unconditional LOVE 100% of the time. I believe this is our natural state and the key to everything we could ever want or imagine.

As a child I saw and sensed the energy fields surrounding people that display their emotional and often their physical well being.  As I watched and listened, the energy fields around people became very detailed and accurate records describing their fears, beliefs, perceptions, traumas, joys, passions, personality imprints, habits, persuasions, level of health, consciousness and life purpose.

After many years of traveling and studying music, art, dance, literature, mysticism and meditation, my certificates and degree did not capture what I wanted to share with the world, so I opened to guidance and soon people were coming to me with questions. It was exciting to watch their joy return and strengthen as they tapped into their own wisdom. As my higher heart opened my ability to sense people on a deeper level expanded. Often I could smell their perfume or cologne over the phone or know the names of their partner, and more importantly, how to guide them to a happier, more peaceful state. Eventually many people were connecting, offering appreciation and abundance in exchange. This life of loving souls and sharing soul insights chose me and I gratefully accepted.


In 1986 my clairsentient practice began and my abilities became more defined as my senses opened more and  my meditations deepened. Although everyone has the power to change their thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors, I noticed that Indigos and Starseeds tend to experience very unique challenges and feel alone in the world with the rare circumstances they find themselves in. The new techniques I developed have proven to be exceedingly helpful to all levels of consciousness, and those who apply them are able to transform their current imprints and create a healthier happier and more fulfilling life. This process is often easy and fun.


Even very highly conscious beings can have habits, addictions or negative patterns that seem tethered to them. There is always a much deeper reason for this, and change can occur when the roots are released and cleansed.  If you sincerely seek a higher direction and choose to master your life, support will appear and many positive changes will continue to occur. 
Blessings to you on your healing journey!


“Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there.”

~ Rumi

blossoming rose




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