Your heart knows things your mind cannot even conceive.

3) Does this person do something you judge, or do they appear to be judging you, or both?

   When people have different morals, values, standards or a very different level of consciousness, it can be extremely challenging to find anything in common. The human mind tends to enjoy people who are similar, and judge those who are different. People with opposite views usually experience intense friction instead of harmony, especially if that person holds different beliefs. However, there are ways to make the best of it if you happen to be sitting beside your opposite at a meal.


When someone who holds opposite values, beliefs, standards, perspectives and morals enters your life, you may be receiving a lesson in how the human mind works so you no longer get too attached to your own thoughts. This helps you move into your heart.

The mind is a biological computer programmed with information that we believe is real. When we meet someone with entirely different programming, our own biological computer starts to overheat. When things don’t compute at all, we eventually shut down.

A Mac and a PC are basically incompatible, very much like two minds with different programming. Yet, hearts are always compatible. When we bypass the programming and tune into the heart we override the incompatibility and enter a higher harmony. 

   For example, I have a friend who has 100% opposite views than I do about almost everything. I have so much fun asking his perspective on things because it blows my mind. It’s like watching a news broadcast from a crazy different dimension or a different galaxy. I am continually shocked, stunned, flabbergasted and thoroughly tickled to spend time with someone who has completely opposite views. Once you know you are opposites, and you let go of trying to convince anyone of anything, it’s quite a riveting conversation that you could never have with someone who thinks just like you.

   If you can feel kindness, acceptance and sincere caring even though you have nothing in common you have entered the higher realms of the heart. This is a very rewarding form of mastery.

©2017 Ehsida Bisset