Emotional Healing and Pain Relief


“Someday we’ll realize that
the study of our personalities

is more important than reading, writing and arithmetic.”

John. E. Sarno  M.D.

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“All pain stems from resistance to
living naturally, which means
living happily, playfully, filled with love,
excitement and trust.”



Pain Relief and Emotional Healing


Got pain? Not feeling well? Are you exhausted, depressed, or unable to sleep? Have you been to numerous healers and doctors without any lasting improvement or helpful diagnosis?  As many medical doctors today are finding, the cause may be energetic or emotional.

This session guides you with very loving, safe and gentle techniques to listen within and communicate with your body and subconscious mind to allow for a change in the energetic makeup of your field, which can lead to the elimination of pain and imbalances.


Click here for a short list of medical doctors and metaphysicians who apply emotional transformation techniques to release the cause of physical and mental challenges.


As a child observing the energy fields surrounding people, I remember feeling an impending doom when I noticed certain distorted areas around those I knew. This usually occurred 3 – 6 months before they became ill or had some sort of mishap. (signs show up in animals and plants as well, but differently) This taught me very clearly that everything occurs on an energetic level before it imprints on the body and  manifests as a physical challenge.


Seeing these energetic symptoms used to frighten me until I realized that the “impending doom feelings,” or  distortions, were not predictions, only indicators of challenges that were not being addressed.  We can make changes to the energy field and, therefor, change the future experience. This does not have to be difficult and is often simple and enjoyable.

For thousands of years noble healers have been working with this field to diagnose and treat patients. Until the invention of Kirlian photography “the field” was unable to be substantiated. For those who do not sense or see the energy field surrounding the body it may sound unbelievable at first, just as music would to a deaf person, or light to a blind person, but there are many medical doctors and metaphysicians today who work with the energetic field to assist in all forms of healing.


“We tend to repress any negative emotion that violates
our image of being seen as good or perfect in society.
To avoid these emotions we often create physical pain or illness as a divergence.
Once the self is loved and accepted there is no longer any need for
physical pain or illness. It simply evaporates.”


Negative emotions, fatigue, frustration, exasperation, physical pain etc., anything that doesn’t feel harmonious and joyful is an indication that the field is out of alignment and creating a bit of havoc in the material world. When we take time to listen within, talk to the body, and allow only positive loving thoughts and emotions, the body responds beautifully and rebalances.  Deep level healing is rooted in re-establishing a more loving relationship with the self and others. 

I’m not a doctor,  but I have been helping people improve the wholeness and well being of their field for over thirty years with rewarding results. What is the field comprised of? The vibration, quality and energy of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions, and ideas about the self, others and life. When this is purified, positive change can occur.


As every healer on the list will also tell you, the real work is up to you. I can guide you and give you techniques, but the exercises are in your hands.  Just as it takes 3-6 months for the energetic misalignment to show up physically, it often takes 3-6 months for the body to show the results of the energetic re-alignment as well. However, there are those who have embraced this work wholeheartedly with empowering results, experiencing relief almost immediately. It’s really up to you.

There must be a sincere commitment to yourself if you want to experience lasting improvement. This may seem obvious but,  “The techniques only work for those who apply them.”  No matter where you are in your life right now, things can get better. You give yourself the guarantee by your very own investment and determination. Are you ready to begin?

This is a phone session. You will be contacted on time according to the World Time Clock. 





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What you can expect: You can expect compassion, kindness and intuitive understanding. You can expect patient empatic listening and caring. You can expect to be asked important questions and to be listened to very carefully as you express. You can expect to be led through visualizations and/or exercises to connect with your body and your own intuition.  If you are skeptical, please read the books listed  and do the exercises on your own. Louise Hay is a good place to begin, or laugh yourself well as Norman Cousins did. 


I am not a doctor, nor do I profess to heal anyone. The energetic work I guide you through is simply based on offering unconditional love and guidance to help  you  love, appreciate and listen to your own body and transform repressed emotions in the subconscious. Please read the disclaimer and terms of service  before you book a session. 


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