Childhood Trauma Triggers

Childhood writes a story on the soul.

7) This person brings up childhood feelings that may remind you of a parent, guardian, sibling or other relationships from childhood that you have not healed.

   For 35 years I have been leading people through forgiveness exercises and 99% of the time, the unhealed pain that surfaces relates to a parent, guardian or sibling. Unhealed pain from childhood will be reflected in people and authority figures in your life. When we pinpoint the trigger and release it, those people who reflect the pain will miraculously change their behavior or leave our lives peacefully.

   Did a parent abandon you and now people you love abandon you for no apparent reason? Did a parent or sibling bully you and now any bully in the room instills deep rooted rage you were not allowed to express as a child? Was a parent critical and now you flinch at the first sign of criticism? Did your parents have too many rules and now you feel rage when someone imposes their own rules or their Will on you? Did your parents have no rules and leave you to yourself and now you seek guidance or acknowledgement you never received?


At certain junctures in life doors open to heal old wounds and many people may suddenly appear that bring up unhealed traumas. This is a sign you are ready to release the past forever. Allow the emotions these people inspire to guide you to the root of your pain. Pinpoint the exact feeling that arises in the presence of the “trigger person” and spend time doing release work, forgiving, journaling or inner child work to release the pent up trauma once and for all.

   The healing you do will affect your lineage and make way for a better relationship with your family, as well as protect you from being triggered in the future. Always keep in mind, those who hurt others are also hurting. 

Everyone is really doing the best they can.

©2017 Ehsida Bisset