The Sociopath

Some Difficult People are More than just Difficult

   A sociopathic person triggers feelings of being strangely unsafe… yet intrigued, internally alarmed… yet attracted. You may feel insecure, unsure, intimidated, concerned or intoxicatingly enchanted and charmed. When you feel extreme danger or extreme attraction or both, you may be dealing with a sociopath.

   A sociopath emits outrageously high levels of confidence and/or arrogance, which may stem from their fearlessness and inability to foresee the consequences of their behavior. Some signs you are dealing with a sociopath are:

~ Entitled: Sociopaths are certain they are superior to everyone, therefor, they may have difficulty abiding by laws, pulling their weight or practicing monogamy.
~ They have great difficulty considering other people’s needs, wants or desires unless it’s part of an agenda to fulfill their own needs and desires.
~They instill a desire for those around them to please, appease, sooth or applaud them.
~Often very intelligent and good with words, they can convince anyone of anything with their quick wit and dominating will. 
~Many people instinctively submit to a sociopath due to an overpowering, intimidating or intrusive energy they put off without any words spoken. Much like a spell.
~Sociopaths must win every discussion and enjoy turning pleasant conversations into antagonistic battles they are determined to win at any cost…even if they know they are wrong. It’s all about overpowering others and proving they are better than anyone else.
~Self-serving and incapable of love, they fein whatever it takes until they get what they want and then return to regular behavior.
~They get a kick out of tearing people down, and often hide it in “joking” behavior. Determined to destroy confidence in those they feel competitive with, they are incapable of building others up…unless it serves an agenda.
~Although sociopaths enjoy enchanting, charming and manipulating people, what they really want is your pity so they can manipulate you to the extreme. 
~They see kindness as a weakness they can exploit, and often pit good people against each other with their divide and conquer tactics.

   If you are interacting with someone who is hurtful, untrustworthy, disrespectful, belligerent, conflictual, antagonistic, belittling, irresponsible, chaotic, dynamic, cruel, who lacks empathy, enjoys humiliating, belittling and gas-lighting others, you could be dealing with a sociopath or someone who has entity possession. This is a dangerous person.


When there is a sociopath in your life, the universe is demanding that you strengthen your self-respect, sovereignty, confidence and learn how to command your space and SEE THROUGH ILLUSIONS.

   Causes of sociopathy warrant our compassion, but at a distance. If this person is a family member you may have a soul mission to embody enormous awareness and self respect in this life.  Allow their presence to bring you a mastery of self and always be on your toes with peeked awareness, for they have many ways to manipulate and control people ranging from enchantment, antagonism, victimhood, favors, moping, bullying, demeaning and blackmailing, but mostly they get you when you feel sorry for them.

  You deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, kindness, honesty, tenderness, love and friendliness at all times. The moment you recognize you are with a manipulator or bully, amp up your self appreciation, and command your space as sacred.  Sturdy self-respect, confidence and awareness act as a protective shield, and as a dear friend of mine always says, STRENGTH WITH A BULLY! 

Be with those who support your being!

 Ehsida Bisset