Preparing for a Session


“I would define love very simply:
as a potent blend of openness and warmth,
which allows us to make real contact,
to take delight in and appreciate,
and to be at one with—-our selves, others, and life itself.

~ John Welwood


pink bouquet


“Do small things with great love!”
~ Mother Teresa


Please dress comfortably and allow at least ten minutes prior to your session to relax, center yourself and become clear about what you want to accomplish. You will be asked to share your intentions at the beginning of your session. Making a list for yourself is often helpful.


A lot of information will transpire during a session. It can be helpful to take notes. 


We recommend that you have a glass of pure air temperature drinking water by your side to sip throughout the session.


Please make sure you’ve eaten enough nutritious food to remain aware and comfortable throughout your session. A light protein meal is recommended for endurance and mental clarity.


Please do not drink or eat anything cold before, during or after your session. This is very important.


Please turn off all devices and remain focused on the session itself to make the best use of your time and to honor the process.


It’s recommended that you stay away from refined sugar, GMO’s, alcohol, and recreational drugs prior to and after your session. These substances may distort the energy field, lower “conscious” awareness and hide important and valuable facets of your being, making it more difficult for the energy to move upward and for healing or transformation to occur. You must take full responsibility for your condition. 


Please do not schedule important engagements that require a tremendous amount of preparation and focus after your session time, such as an audition, a race, a drive across town for an appointment where heavy traffic might be involved etc. Avoid scheduling anything that would carry your mental energy into the future so you may remain highly present during your session. This is sacred work and it deserves deep respect of your time and energy.


We offer this affirmation for you to declare prior to your session:


I am open and receptive to my highest good.

I am centered and relaxed. All is well.”


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Insights will unfold for you days and weeks after your session. Please keep a notebook handy at all times to write down information as it flows to you.


Please pay attention to your dreams. This if often how your higher self communicates with you. Write down images, insights, thoughts and feelings before you get out of bed if you can.  Dreams might not make sense right away, but as time goes on you may discover they become important guideposts.


Please know that you are loved and appreciated. 


A tremendous amount of loving energy will be flowing to you before, during and after your session to help you feel safe and supported. If you do not wish to receive this please let us know 24 hours prior to your session by sending a quick email to No worries, we know some people don’t feel comfortable receiving energy. Please feel free to tell us what you need so we may honor you to the best of our abilities.


Thank you for taking this time to prepare. We look forward to connecting from the heart.








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