Privacy Policy

Updated May 24th 2021


The term “we” and “us” used on this page refer to the web-site, and, both owned and operated within the United States.

Tickled Inspirations, her sister company Shivaii, and Ehsida Bisset do not share, sell, rent or otherwise disclose the information you provide. We receive your email address for the purpose of scheduling sessions at your request, answering your questions and fulfilling our commitment to deliver News Letters only after you have subscribed. Your personal data will not be provided to any other party. Ehsida Bisset is the ONLY person with access to private information you provide.

News Letter

If you subscribe to our News Letter you will be adding your contact information to our Mail Chimp provider for the sole purpose of receiving our News Letters. “MailChimp has three core privacy principles: accountability through awareness, empowering individuals, and protecting and safeguarding information.” You can find the Mail Chimp Privacy Policy and Terms of Service on the following links:

If you wish to contact Mail Chimp to increase privacy, please email them here:

If you wish to unsubscribe from our News Letter please click the unsubscribe button on the Mail Chimp mailings, or email us on our contact page.

We respect and honor your privacy and make it a priority. Ehsida Bisset, Tickled Inspirations and Shivaii have no contract with advertisers or any third-party that would gather personal information. We have no undisclosed parties or partners who see your personal information.

Tickled Inspirations and Shivaii are hosted on a highly secure WordPress hosting platform owned and operated by our security company for added security and speed. Ehsida Bisset built this website and manages all website information personally.

Google Analytics

For your added privacy we do not engage with Google Analytics. We do not engage in social media marketing or adds of any kind.


The use of Cookies on this site is the bare minimum for a site to operate. We do not use additional cookies to gather personal information and we do not personally analyze cookies to track your data.


PayPal has proven to be a highly secure venue. PayPal does not share any of your financial information with us. Per their terms, they send an automated email to notify us when a payment has been made, sharing only your name, email, address, amount and payment date. We keep this information secure and do not share it with anyone. For more information on PayPal, or their Privacy Policy, please access their site.

User Rights

Please know your rights pertaining to your own region where you reside or travel to, and please inform us if you have any concerns.

Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy. Please visit our contact page is you have questions or concerns.

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