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thoreauOver the years I have worked with clients from every walk of life, race, age and religion from CEO’s of major corporations, to homeless people, celebrities, politicians, housewives, househusbands, centurions, children, illegal immigrants, wealthy estate owners, upper, lower and middle income, mentally impaired, geniuses, empaths, sociopaths, married, divorced, gay, bisexual, androgynous, spiritual, non-spiritual etc.…and one thing shows up across the board:

happy again

We offer these tools as support along your journey.

Ten Terrific Tools To Transform Pain And Trauma:
  • Please Breathe! You probably know to breathe deeply through stress, but have you been doing it? Breath is life and a profound vehicle for inspiration. It will bring in new energy, release the old and inspire helpful actions. To begin, exhale with the level of force you are comfortable with while imagining you are letting go of all pain and tension. Shake your body and flick your wrists like you are shaking off water. Please do not overstrain. Then take in a deep invigorating and cleansing breath as you open to support, love and positive change. Do this at least three times, then sit quietly and envision the life you would prefer.


  • Just as important as breathing, please do NOT judge yourself or anyone else involved in the circumstances that led to pain. Judgement will attract more of the same to you, as you may well know. Instead of judging please do some release work with tapping, pillow punching, (no excessive straining) forgiving, journaling, or simply take a walk in nature and let it go a little each day. Listening to high vibrational music is also helpful.  Beethoven’s 7th symphony is a recommendation that comes from Bashar  and it works spectacularly well every time I use it. Let the music wash through you and it’ll do all the work for you. You may even go to sleep with it.


  • Choose a Happy Homing thought. This is a happy thought that you can come back to when you catch yourself wandering into negativity. It would also be helpful to have a picture of your homing thought. I carry a photo of a puppy with me everywhere I go so I can whip it out and create an instant smile whenever I need one. It always works.


  • Change the way you perceive what has happened. For example, if someone has just humiliated you in front of a group of people, realize they would only do this if they were jealous, or intimidated by your power. Also realize that the majority of people in the room also understand this. This means you’re not the one that looks bad in that situation. Now re-work the meaning in your mind. It now means, “Wow, I must be quite outstanding to elicit that sort of behavior from someone. I’m grateful to realize how amazing I am. From now on, however,  I choose to inspire people to acts of kindness and support.”


  • Write out what you’ve learned from your pain so you never experience the same pain again. Usually pain arises from not trusting the inner voice, which is always a loving compassionate voice, void of fear, rushing, negativity or lack. If you realize you haven’t been following your inner guidance, commit to listening to your inner wisdom every day and be sure to follow through. You can begin with small things, such as getting to bed earlier or stretching every morning before you do anything else,… if this is what your inner wisdom suggests. Every time you follow through on your inner guidance you become more powerful and more connected to the upward successful flow of life.


  • Ask yourself, “How does this pain serve me?” This question leads to subconscious beliefs that may have orchestrated the opportunity for this situation to arise. For example, you might realize that due to your situation you finally have a good reason to take a rest. Perhaps it was the only way you would have allowed yourself time off because you’re driven with projects or busy taking care of others. Or, you may discover that no one in your life seemed to be supporting you, so you created a circumstance you felt deep down would elicit some necessary support. Our subconscious works in very mysterious ways. When we look inside we often find the root of our misery lies in a deep need that was left unfulfilled for far too long. Commit to finding and fulfilling these important deeper needs daily. All you must do is listen to the childlike voice within and respond. If you’re unable to hear a childlike voice within, read on.


  • Immediately change every negative belief you discover. If you haven’t felt supported, for example, go to the mirror morning and night and tell yourself, “I love you, (insert your name) I support you, I appreciate you and I’ll always be here for you.” If you’ve been overworking, or over-helping, make a vow to schedule more time for yourself and write out a plan of action right away to implement your new way of life and then stick to it and give yourself rewards along the way. Beliefs are created from repetition, so you’ll install a new and positive belief that overrides the old one with this new behavior. As you believe in your worth and feel self-appreciation, your inner child’s voice will emerge very clearly. The more you continue to love yourself, that inner voice will be grateful and excited, instead of needy or sad.


  • Find a new and exciting purpose or goal. This could be spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, or professional etc. An exciting goal will give your life new meaning, and a new direction that excites you. Your new goal may even be deciding to love yourself more, or to be more playful and not take life so seriously. This in itself gives you more purpose to get up each day and it makes life more fun.


  • Change things up. This is a good time to let go of “stuff,” that has been cluttering your life, distracting you or wasting your time. This could be people who don’t honor you, old thoughts that no longer serve you, or old painful memories that bog you down. For example: You may continue to think of an ex that inspired negative feelings. STOP! Now Focus on the type of partner you would rather have and look for those qualities everywhere you go. Your mind may also go to negative thoughts such as,”I still have ten pounds to lose.” STOP! Replace that with, “I’m so excited that I’m as thin as I am.” Remember, your mind does not know the difference between real or imagined. Keep imagining how great it feels to enjoy the life you prefer and you’ll shift into that body and that better life. De-cluttering closets, computers, phones, emails, drawers, garages, purses or wallets will also change the energy from old to fresh. BE New!


  • Open to support. Whether it’s a help line, profession care, a friend or family member you trust, it’s important to feel supported and cared for. Please reach out to people you feel safe with. People like to help. It makes them feel good too. If you’re truly alone or not the type who likes to open up to others, read your favorite inspirational book, or visit pet stores, or spend time with animals you know and trust. Trees and flowers make very good friends as well. There is always someone or something out there to offer healing comfort. There is literally love all around you, please open to it and know you deserve it.
Wishing you health and happiness along your journey!

Special Circumstances

Depending on the level of pain or trauma you have experienced you may want to research Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a serious, but rather invisible condition that wreaks havoc on your behavior and your perception of yourself and life. If you’re feeling apathetic and have little or no will to live, please seek professional help. There are numerous free help lines and help links to learn more about PTSD, and how to cope with and overcome it.

Dealing with Pathology. If you are recovering from, or are currently in a pathological relationship or dangerous relationship with a partner, family member, co-worker or neighbor etc. I strongly urge you to surround yourself with the best support system you can find! This is not something to be taken lightly and the trauma caused from these circumstance can make it practically impossible to cope with life’s challenges, break away and stay away.



Make today a better day!!



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