“Love is the most powerful force in existence, yet it’s invisible to the eye.”



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   The phenomena of working with energy is known to the community of complementary and advanced alternative medicine, mystics, and Eastern Medicine, but among the general western population it remains an anomaly.

   More and more medical doctors, physicists, and scientists are working diligently to help the masses understand parallel dimensions or invisible realms unseen by most human eyes. In fact, what we are able to perceive or see of “reality,” is less than 5% of what exists. Many scientists, mystics and physicists agree that this invisible dimension, (the other 95%) is more important in structuring our physical lives than the visible.


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   Love itself is in fact an unseen energy that has more impact on every life form than anything else in existence…but how do we prove love? We know it because we feel it and this is how to know the unseen world.  This invisible energy we call love is at the very basis of our work here at


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The Tao or Dao symbol represents balance.

We find balance when we love the light and dark within ourselves.
When we love and accept those things that we have been taught to judge and condemn, they no longer fight for our attention, and they transform on their own.

This balance is at the root of all sessions here at Tickled Inspirations  

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