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12 Terrific Tips

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.”

Eckhart Tolle

  Mirroring nature, animals and the elements can help us live naturally, honestly, and connected with spirit.  In honor of the last few weeks of August, the month of play, symbolized by the Cat, it feels appropriate to share a little kitty wisdom that we can all embrace for a better life.


~ Assume you are lovable all the time

~ Accept, cherish and adore every inch of your body

~ Do what you love every moment

~ Have a mind of your own

~ Remain curious about the invisible 

~ Never miss an opportunity to play or be in nature

~ When you find a safe sunny spot, bask in it 

~ Remember, you can take great leaps in life when you set your sites high and use your own strength.

~ Pretend you always have permission to be yourself

~ Let others hold you and bring them warmth and love

~ Ask for what you want in life, loudly if necessary.

~ If someone is allergic to you, its not your fault

Blessings and playfulness