Launching The Age of Aquarius

Did you know you are magnificent, completely original and a marvel of existence?

Do you know your soul is forever?

Do you know you carry the divine spark of creation within you…
making you capable of miracles?

   Now take a deep breath,  push out your chest and stand in your full power and remember who you are! Nope, you are even better than that. Nope, even better than that. Keep going. Puff it up big time because you are mightier than you could ever imagine!!

   Does life ever cause you to be afraid? It’s not allowed to do that. You’re a powerful creator. Let fear know you’re not going to take it. You are going to show that fear just who you are and step up into your full power with an added burst of sunshine kryptonite and laugh in its face and say…Watch me! Watch my magnificence explode with power and miracles, because this is who I am.

   Put on your super cape and favorite crown and face toward victory no matter what the world around you is doing because you are a phenomenal creator and a magical being of light. 

   Of course…You could create with fear…but I don’t think you want to do that. That would be like putting mud in with your morning shake.

   Begin with believing in yourself, add a dash of wisdom, a spoonful of optimism, a truck delivery of self appreciation, a million scoops of love and whip it all together to show the world what you are really made of…now that will shake up your life and the world in a good way.

   Did you know that challenges lift your hidden potential to the surface for you to recognize and unveil the super hero within…so you can get to know yourself in an entirely new way and reinvent your reality for the better?

   Do super heroes let other people’s fear daunt them? Never, they know who they are. Do Gotham Cities and goons make them cower? Not a chance. Why? Because they remain focused on making the world a better place, no matter the circumstances, no matter the weather, no matter the seemingly insurmountable dilemmas they are facing. 

  Go get em champ!


The point of power is right now.
Never let a moment be wasted on anything other than your most masterful,
powerful, optimistic, creative, loving, wise, benevolent self and
everything will work out better than you imagine!