A Child Once Again


A bird sings because it has a song; a Spirit filled with music! 

   Time and time again I come across stories of children who were ready and willing to fearlessly give up their own lives to save a pet, a sibling or even a stranger.  However, working with people in hospice and retirement homes etc., I found just the opposite. Their fear of death was insurmountable. This was perplexing as I expected it to be the other way around, until I noticed one main difference between these two groups.

   When a child is born it is intrinsically one with its own Life Force or Spirit. Spirit is what the child experiences life through before it begins to form emotions and thoughts, which are foreign to the SPIRIT. 

   Once the Mental construct develops, a child experiences this odd and foreign aspect of reality; ‘The Mind.’ As they ponder and explore thoughts and the OUTER world, they tend to lose their intimate bond with the INNER world of infinite consciousness and SPIRIT; the unlimited and eternal aspect of self.

   As a child grows, it’s taught to value thoughts above intuition or INNER knowing, moving further and further away from SPIRIT, by relying on intellect, or MIND. Mind is just programmed information formed by absorbing outside information that may or may not be true or accurate; generally based in fear and lack.

Spirit holds 100% truth and dignity for your own being 100% of the time. There is nothing more remarkable, reliable, helpful or invincible than your own SPIRIT.

   Without Spirit we disconnect from INNER truth, INNER guidance, discernment, empathy, Love and INFINITE consciousness; all qualities which make up the true POWER of a Human Being. Hence, we become less than half of what we used to be, as fear embeds itself in identity. 

   Without a connection to the infinite Light of  SPIRIT, death and life itself appear terrifying.  When we bypass our communication with our very own SPIRIT, we bypass our inner PEACE and the very meaning and joy of life itself.

   As we rely more and more on the mind or intellect we can become fearful, anxious, paranoid, angry and powerless. 

   Those who have reconnected with their own SPIRIT WITHIN, are once again like small children, innocent and overflowing with Light, Love and Power.

   If you’re feeling timid, frightened or anxious these days, get out in nature and play like a child. Move into your heart and begin speaking with your SPIRIT INSIDE your heart again. It’s always there to give you strength and guidance to keep you safe, happy and abundant. 

   There’s nothing more powerful in your life than your very own SPIRIT, and it’s right inside, waiting for your direction at all times.


Story Updated and Reposted from 1998, Ehsida