A Conversation With Nature


“Look deep into nature
and you will understand


   The end of August I hiked to a sacred peak to celebrate the close of another magnificent month. It was a beautiful fresh sunny afternoon in the glorious hills of San Ysidro. The air was crisp and filled with magic.


A great adventure was in store.

   At the summit I spotted a large golden hawk scouting the hills and a thrill ran up my spine. My love and respect for birds and nature is part of my DNA. I climbed to the tip top of a rock and opened my arms wide, beaming my heart in the hawks distant direction and closed my eyes.


   When I opened them again he was right above me circling my body. I spread my wings wider and he did a 90 degree turn to face me, eye to eye and wing to wing. There he hovered for a long while matching my position, peeking down at me.

   I felt him smile and immediately received the message, “Let’s play.” I jumped down from the rock and began to twirl and twirl and twirl. When I looked up he was circling in the same direction. I stopped and spread my arms wide open once again and he stopped, hovering just above me eye to eye and wing to wing. Exhilaration pulsed through my veins. We were one dancing beam of joy playing in the breeze.


   With all the excitement in my heart I sent him the frequency of love and appreciation and he sent me the vibe of acknowledgment and bowed his head. I knew he was departing. He circled once, waved goodbye, and off he went back into the distant hills, wafting on the breeze, free as a bird.



     To enhance the joy of life, skip into nature often and open to its wisdom. Ask nature to awaken you. Invite nature to heal you. Summon nature to play with you. Receive information from the sun, the birds and the trees. Nature is a friend you can count on every moment of every day to brighten your spirit and help you play!


Story by  Ehsida, September 17th, 2016   


“Living isn’t enough.
One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”

Hans Christian Andersen