A Cosmic Treat


“Millionaires don’t use astrology, Billionaires do.”

~ J.P. Morgan, Billionaire


   Throughout any year it’s normal to have a number of major planets moving retrograde at any given time. We hear about it most when Mercury, Venus or Mars move retrograde as these tend to effect our every day lives with added tangible challenges.


2017 has a treat in store for you.


   A very rare occurrence begins January 8th 2017, when every major planet in our solar system will move direct until Feb 6th 2017. During this time the universe will be in a state of natural order; a synchronistic sisterhood of planetary energies heralding the highest outcome for loving hearts around the world.


   This alignment has the potential to anchor
a wonderfully positive future as the solar system
provides supportive and nurturing cosmic assistance
to any endeavor created specifically to benefit all life on earth.


   This favorable occurrence is viewed by the ancients as a time for successful mergers, love filled unions or marriages, large acquisitions that benefit all, charity events, successful physical changes to inspire others, auspicious inaugurations, launching a new profitable businesses to uplift the world, birthing a healthy child or venture, moving to a better home, and anything else where one desires a positive benevolent result. If your birthday happens to take place between January 8th, 2017 – Feb 6th, 2017, your intentions will carry more power to herald in a year of great love, health, success and abundance that also uplifts humanity in some way.


“Without doubt, this forward motion alignment in 2017,
compels us to employ our best collective focus to access the promise
for birthing a new world, a new nation and a new life.”

Stephanie Wave Forest


   Astrologer Stephanie Wave Forest suggests we collectively imagine with all our hearts and souls the most positive outrageously wonderful environment for ourselves, and for our communities, with a 30 minute meditation each day throughout the nearly month-long forward motion period, but why not continue all year.  Thank you for the gift of your love and positive energy throughout 2017.


Blessings and Happy New Year.


 Ehsida Bisset 

Reference: Stephanie Wave Forest


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