A Country Road

  The forest makes your heart grow gentle. 

   Rounding a bend on a windy old country road, I sensed something wondrous ahead. The first thing that caught my eye was a very rusty old street sign attached to a large cedar tree at an extremely tight angle.

At some point – possibly 40 years previously – the sign must have read, SLOW, alerting passers by of the extreme angle.

   Somewhere along the way, however, the sign had bent and the beginning and end of the message had almost entirely faded. The S was a mere shadow and half of the W was barely visible, so the sign looked like it said LOV. 

As I round the bend and recognized the V was actually a W, I smiled…

 LOV is everywhere, if you slow down enough to notice it. 


Edited and reposted from March 23, 2013,  Ehsida