A Life Without Regret

Awareness and ecstasy
 are one in the same

   There is a story of a young gardener who awoke at 3:30 a.m. to make the long trek to his masters estate each morning. On the way he would stop by a vast rushing river, sit on a rock and watch the sun rise before he made the more treacherous route along the narrow cliff trail.

   In darkness one morning he stumbled upon a sack of pebbles sitting near the river. As young boys do, he opened the sack and hurled each rock into the rushing river one by one, listening attentively for the victorious sound of the plop. Skipping each rock across the churning waves, he passed his time with casual comfort, enjoyed the task of emptying the weighty sack.

   As the sun peeked above the rich emerald mountains the young lad reached into his bag to retrieve the very last stone, thinking he would watch it skip across the water as the sun cast its early morning light on the frothing waves. Raising his arm he caught a glimpse of a twinkle, a flicker, a glimmering sparkle in his hand, and to his astonishment he found a large diamond pure and perfect glowing brilliantly in the morning sun; luminously dancing with reflections from the gentle solar rays.

   A sudden nausea shot like acid through his entire body at the realizing of what he had just done. His auspicious fortune was now on its way to the deep blue sea, never to be retrieved.

And this is each and every one of us until we awaken. 

   As we move through life in the dark we take things… like our health for granted, we throw people, opportunities and precious gifts within ourselves away without a thought, only to realize long after they are gone just how precious those gems were. 

   Once the light within expands we understand the profound important of each moment, of people around us, and the lack of appropriateness of investing in those who are too unawakened to value anything. We begin to feel a deep appreciation, gratitude and even reverence for what is truly sacred in our lives. 

    As we feel gratitude, express gratitude and live in gratitude more each day, our inner light increases, awareness heightens and quality of life expands. As we spend time in criticism, conflict and condemnation, our light diminishes, awareness drops and loss dampens our path. 

   Awareness produces better choices and better results. It restores freedom and releases a painful past that may have been perpetually imposed. Awareness takes moment to moment commitment to loving yourself enough to live a life that honors your true magnificence.


We’re all born with a sack of diamonds.
We just have to awaken enough to recognize what we already have
and who we really are… before our sack is empty.

“The way a man of awareness lives,
each moment is filled with tremendous grace and beauty.
It is reflected in his actions, even in the smallest actions
– just in the gesture of his hand or just the way he looks;
in the depth of his eyes or the authority of his words or the music of his silence.
His very presence is a celebration.”

~ Osho