A Portal Through Time

“The bottom line is that time travel is allowed
by the laws of physics.”

Brian Greene

   You may remember an old television show called Quantum Leap about a Quantum Physicist who discovered how to time travel. Before he worked out the kinks, however, he leapt through a Quantum Portal and ended up bouncing around in time putting things right that once went wrong as a time traveling Lone Ranger.

   In each episode he was forced to figure out who he was on that new timeline, what the problem was and how to fix it so he could move on to his next time continuum, hopefully making things right enough to end up in a better place than he began.

   October 2020 is very similar to the beginning of each episode of Quantum Leap. We have to look at where we are, who we are, what the problem is and how to fix it to move to a higher timeline come December 21st 2020, when we basically change realities and begin a new era.

“Every second is of infinite value.”

~ Geothe

   Nicola Tesla knew all about time travel and it’s possible certain groups have been using Looking Glass Technology to peek into probable realities based on interjecting specific influences or events to establish different outcomes or timelines for their own benefit.

   Lets say a group of billionaires own a large Steel factory that is going under and they want to make a financial come back, which would entail a lot of people needing and purchasing their products. Being billionaires, lets say they conveniently own magazines, media outlets, cinema studios, radio, and social network platforms so they can influence the flow of desire and money.

   They create a narrative of fear and chaos and pump out movies, videos, songs, news scripts, and social media bots so that all platforms and entertainment control the narrative of what people think and feel, pointing them toward terror, tyranny, illness, conflict, insecurity, and depression. Then, at exactly the right moment they promote and advertise bullet proof cars, triple steel enforced front doors, steel robot body guards, and advanced steel plated television sets with higher definition through all their advertising platforms, offering multiple solutions on how to feel safe and escape life with greater luxury and comfort. 

   The fearful focus of the audience, through quantum entanglement, engage in a combined negative frequency to create a lower timeline of desperation and chaos falling right into the trap, buying up anything they can get their hands on to feel better, granting their manipulators added billions and greater power over their consciousness.

   What if a group of people figured this out and realized it was all a narrative, so they sang their own happy songs and thought their own positive thoughts and read their favorite books and went to positive plays and talked about freedom, liberty, opportunity, health and prosperity while they celebrated life, nature and each other? Those people would create a higher timeline and together they would leap into a new reality that offered more abundance, health, happiness and opportunity.

   All they had to do was step outside of the control matrix and ignore the narrative that kept people tethered to a lower reality that siphoned joy, life force and money. 

This is basically how reality works. 

   Happy timeline traveling. Hope to see you in a better world on December 21st 2020 when the Quantum fields open and we energetically align with… where our very own thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs and intentions have been focused. You may not see the physical results immediately, but if you are sensitive you will feel them, and each day your new reality will become more noticeable.


Whatever you believe is true, you leap into