A Season of Lights


     Some may remember my April post on the significance of December 21st, 2020, describing the influence of Jupiter – Saturn conjunct the air sign Aquarius. Now here we are. Time to refresh.

   When Jupiter comes closer to earth we are blessed. If you have Jupiter predominantly in your chart, you may choose a more fortunate life. Jupiter is the Light of truth and peace, endeared as a light from Source.

   When Saturn comes closer to earth this can incite wars and division. Most people fear transits where Saturn plays a more significant role on their path, as it tends to cause havoc, destruction and heart break. Saturn could be called the planet of darkness or Satan’s urn or caldron.

   For hundreds of years Saturn has energetically dominated Jupiter in the sky, influencing what has happened on earth through wars, poverty, illness, materialism and tyranny.

   On December 21st, 2020, the light of Jupiter rises with more predominance, influencing our lives with greater light, love, PEACE and goodness, conjuncting Saturn in Aquarius, the air sign of TRUTH, divine wisdom, revelation and PEACE.

   Aquarius is the water bearer pouring elixirs of divine wisdom on earth to refresh the spirit and awaken the heart after hundreds of years of deception and suffering.

   Jupiter’s light of truth will gradually reveal hidden havoc Saturn’s influence seeded with silent weapons, quiet wars, and Saturnian religions that negatively influenced our reality without humanities knowledge.

   The Saturnian illusion spun like a web across our eyes and hearts kept many people tethered to the enchantment of outside information, bypassing the heart and intuition; the light of truth within.

   If you have ever felt hatred or judgement toward anyone or anything, this is dark force interference that has shut down the heart, and pushed out the spirit of inner knowing. 

   As the light of Jupiter grows, many will reach a point of clarity where hatred, judgement and criticism of the self or others will no longer be possible. True discernment and compassion will take its place. 

   Relax into your heart and let go of old ideas and beliefs as illusions we thought were rock solid facts are gradually dismantled before our eyes, revealing a much freer and limitless world. 

   December 21st is Winter Solstice, the day of equal light and dark. Each day following will bless us with more light and truth. All we must do is live in our hearts and watch the show play out.