A Tiny Tale

Fiction is obliged to the realms of possibilities.
Truth breaks the rules all the time.

   Once upon a time a young lad named Rascal sat fishing by the river in the tiny town of Trikeary. Grampa Seedmaster spotted this little fellow from his buggy, and decided to bless him with a precious gift that would grow over time and offer great comfort, friendship and expanding joy as the years passed by. 

   Grampa parked his buggy by the side of the old red bridge, knowing his dear horse Baron would remain happy grazing on the tall grass near rivers edge. Rascal saw Grampa approaching but made no welcome, until the old Seedmaster impressed him with his ability to skip a pebble 17 times before it kurplunked into the deep. 

   Grampa shared adventures from his old fishing days at sea, captivating Rascal’s full attention… eventually. Feeling glimmers of rapport, the old Seedmaster reached into his breast pocket and produced a golden acorn, holding it as though it were the most revered treasure on earth. 

   Rascal glanced at the wee acorn with zero interest and recast his fishing line. Graciously, Grampa went on to tell a story about planting this golden treasure in the earth and visiting it regularly to watch it cultivate into a grand tree; a masterpiece bigger than any house in Trikeary that would bring comfort, shade and lush greenery to the whole village in future midsummers to come. 

   Rascal wasn’t interested in fairytales, he wanted to hear more about fishing on the high seas, not silly made up stories about seeds. Grampa pressed the golden acorn into Rascals grubby hand, winked and whistled on his way back to his loyal horse and buggy. 

   Grumbling at the burden of Grampa’s silly seed, Rascal looked at the tiny acorn in his palm and considered tossing it into the river, but instead chose to prove that fairytales aren’t real, and marched off to the old abandoned baseball field, found the driest spot with the hardest ground and smushed the seed into a crack in the barren earth, stomping on it for good measure. 

   The next day Rascal saw Grampa crossing the red house bridge and led him to the old baseball field.  Rascal pointed to the crack in the earth where he had forced the precious acorn into the ground, declaring with all his might, 

“You see. Nothing! Not even a tiny sign of a tree.” 

   Grampa could sense the joy of the little acorn now embraced by Mother Nature. He could feel it expanding and seeking underground water sources and knew in time the beginnings of a great Oak would reach for the stars with all its glee. Yet, he could not convince a young lad who had yet to experience the miracles of nature. 

Rascal was satisfied he had proven the old man wrong
and with this came an overwhelming surge of mistaken power
…the power of proof.

   As Rascal grew he became more and more perturbed by hopeful happy people talking about wonderful things he could not see or comprehend, and decided to do something about it. He became Mayor of Trikeary and established a Fact Checker Flyer called Snoops, which was delivered to every doorstep in Trikeary each week, keeping citizens updated on news Rascal deemed printworthy.

   As it happened, Rascal came across Grampa Seedmaster telling stories about budding acorns, and became infuriated, remembering he had already proven Grampa wrong. The next day Rascal published a full page article in a special edition of the Snoops Flyer on the dangers of believing Oak trees arise from tiny acorn seeds, and sent it to every home in Trikeary with a bold headline that read:



   As the power of media worked its magic, laughter was heard echoing throughout the village as people read the headlines, wondering who would ever believe such a nonsensical thing. Oak trees from acorns? They don’t even have similar names or look anything alike, the intellects reasoned.

   The attack of the tiny acorn continued each week, prompting town folks to admit they had always had suspicions about the tiny acorn, obviously too small to become something so big. 

   Chatter and gossip spread as the dear wise Seedmaster who everyone had loved and respected, was now touted as a danger to the citizens of Trikeary, but nothing could deter Grampa from instilling bright hope for the years to come.

   Rascal posted a $2000 fine for anyone suggesting Oak trees came from acorns, threatening to lock anyone up who did not agree. After all, these facts came from the Mayor’s own publishing company, proving Oak trees arising from tiny acorns had all been an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Grampa Seedmaster.

   With published cause, Rascal locked Grampa up under the new Hopium Law, protecting citizens from those instilling hope that miraculous things can arise from insignificant nothings, easily proven wrong by Snoops Fact Checker Team. 

   To put this debate to rest forever, Rascal commissioned every Oak tree in Trikeary to be cut down. Then he constructed a Wikiprovia page declaring Oak trees were only found in fairytales. No such thing as an Oak tree had ever existed. 

   But there was one tiny Oak Rascal had forgotten about. A great acorn reaching closer to the stars each day, in the old abandoned baseball field of his youth.  Over the years it had grown so high and so mighty every home in the village could not help but see its majestic branches swaying happily in the breeze, surrounded by a ground covered in tiny acorn seeds.

No one dare say a thing.

   One glorious midsummer two small children found themselves in a rare oasis while following an old treasure map Grampa Seedmaster had drawn for their dad many years before. Colorful wildflowers, dancing daffodils, luscious lavender, pink tulips and smiling bellflowers flourished all around one lone tree that looked suspiciously just like a fairytale.  Butterflies, lady bugs, dragon flies and colorful birds flocked to this sacred tree that had overcome the doubt of the most dangerous man in Trikeary.

   This great Oak cast shade for many children and their families, who enjoyed comfort and friendship under the shade of one mighty Oak growing grand and dignified in the old abandoned baseball field of Trikeary. 

No matter how long truth remains hidden 
in the end… there it is for all to see.

   No one wanted to doubt in Oak trees any longer. No one wanted Grampa Seedmaster locked up any longer, and no one wanted Rascal to be the Mayor any longer. 

   Rascal left town with his Snoops Fact Checker Gang and the town of Trikeary was renamed Mighty Oaks. At the entry was placed a Grand Welcome that read: 

Nurture seeds of hope and majesty.
In time, they will emerge for all to see.

Story 2020 Ehsida