A Wave of Joy

a wave of joy


   As a small child growing up in the woods I was surrounded by very dear, sincere, loving, compassionate true friends. My best friend was an Arbutus tree. I met her one day when I was very sad. My heart pulled me right to her like a magnet. She lived deep in the woods on a bluff overlooking the forest and the moment we met I wrapped my arms around her and began crying. I cried and cried until I fell asleep hugging the base of her trunk, and when I woke up I couldn’t remember what I had been crying about. Much later in life I discovered the Arbutus tree is known as the tree of LOVE. The Love of that tree certainly healed my emotional body. 

   Another good friend I spent time with was a grand Pine who lived by a creek. Leaning on his trunk always felt uplifting, soothing and invigorating. He would see me coming and smile in a way only a Pine tree can, and impart silent wisdom unparalleled by any master.

   Nature is all around, which means we have unlimited friends that love us and care about our well being; always ready to help, heal and comfort in every possible way. If you put your focus on this truth and walk through the day aware that love surrounds you everywhere you go, it changes things. You are never alone, you are always loved and protected, your needs and desires are acknowledged and considered.

   The mountains and rivers, the oceans and the sky also have consciousness filled with perfect peace and pure love. There are loving friends noticing, nourishing and energizing you every moment.  The perfect peace and love of nature are truly that powerful.  Just ask a tree.

May Peace be with you always

Nov, 2015 ~ Ehsida