An Open Door

 “Our openness to experience determines the number of
possibilities available to us.”

~ Magnus

   The fresh scent of waffles wafted through open French doors at a small cafe in Malibu. Fuchsia Bouganvilla on draping vines accentuated fuchsia tableclothes amid throngs of chatting customers in the buzzing atmosphere.

   A stream of sunlight kissed a little girl of about five years old, amplifying her golden locks and sweet smile. Her mother sat next to her; cell phone glued to her head, tapping her silver spoon on a tall glass half filled with wine.

   The wee child wandered about the room with her sparkling eyes, obviously delighted with the same miracle I had just discovered. An azure blue and yellow butterfly had entered through the front doors, apparently without reservations.  

   The little girl began waving her tiny hands at the butterfly, announcing quite loudly,  “Mommy, Mommy, Butterfly!” 

   Without looking up, her mother robotically replied, “Yes, butterfly,” glued to her iPhone; tapping her wine glass. The child then searched desperately for others who may have noticed the dancing masterpiece now dusting our heads with natures magic. 

  I glanced at the Butterfly and then back at the glowing child and nodded with a big smile. Beaming with joy and satisfaction, she had found her butterfly comrade. 

   The butterfly eventually became quite bored with the unmoved people and flew out the open doors. The little girl looked at me with knowing eyes. No one would believe us now. 

   Miraculous things are happening every day, whether we notice them or not; things we won’t find on the evening news. This is an important time to pay close attention. I’ve met only a few who are noticing what’s happening NOW!

Story updated and reposted from  2010 Ehsida