Northern Lights From Space
Inside the Arctic Circle –  Northern Norway.

   The alignments of the past two months have created transformational anomalies. Things we most likely did not want to look at, work on, or deal with were brought to the forefront. Once the supportive Ophiuchus transit ended on Dec 16th, 2017, these transformational influences became a lot more apparent.

   Many were sequestered inside due to “unforeseen conditions” such as snow storms, fires, ill-health and travel conditions. Many were trapped with relatives or friends they would rather not spend too much time with. Some were left alone when they yearned to be with friends, and others endured unsettling circumstances with those they love the most.  Throughout this we noticed who was evolving and who was resisting personal change.

   Globally, people have been tackling loss of life, property, and loved ones. Others, financial concerns and many experienced extreme and unprecedented health issues that could not be explained. These past eight weeks have been about DISCOVERY; pinpointing and transforming emotions, beliefs, traumas and fears within the self that you may not have encountered without the help of outside influences.

Whatever has occurred for you personally, write it down,
it is a key to riding on a positive wave for the rest of the year.
What did you become aware of in yourself?
How would you like to change?

   The New Moon on January 16th brings us into a more gentle cycle of reflecting on what we have experienced over the past two month, and how we are going to re-arrange our lives to move beyond the hurdles, conditions, or responsibilities that have been revealed. Family lineage issues, personality conflicts, negative or limiting beliefs, our relationships with self and others, our safety and well being, as well as our deepest and oldest fears are ripe to be healed and cleared at the deepest levels. 

   What do you need to talk about, get off your chest, meditate over or admit to yourself or others? Who do you need to forgive? What needs to change? What can you let go of? How can you upgrade your health and happiness? How can you strengthen your connection to your “higher self”?”

   2018 holds the potential to reveal truths we never imagined about ourselves and others. It will dissolve pretenses, awaken higher integrity and open our hearts like never before. If you feel yourself being drawn to a higher calling, surrender and move in that direction. You will be carried and supported the entire way. This can be a time of unprecedented change for the better, however, we must take the leap to participate, open to truth and dissolve aspects of the old identity.

   My compassion goes out to everyone who has experienced trauma, loss and pain. May only good come from your experiences.

Great Blessings to all


Aurora Borealis as seen from space station