Arise with LIGHT

Morning LIGHT, the most precious gold on earth

My inner child awakened before the sun to greet the dolphins, knowing dawn is their magic playtime. The day was still, with early morning mist hanging thick on shore, sending a gentle chill through the serene silence.

Two steps onto the white sand and fluffy tufts of sea foam spattered across the surface 20 feet beyond as my pod of playmates appeared. Swishing and splashing with gusto, the sea joining in to giggle along with them. 

Reveling in their vast water world, some flipped 108’s in the sky, others jumped together cheering each other to greater heights, and others rose so high…perhaps they were attempting to fly. Joy infused the atmosphere with an electric buzz of vitality, flooding the moment with a tangible celebration that quenched my morning hunger.

As they tickled the ocean all the way up the coast, the day moved forward with stormy clouds, but the dolphins continued to dance in my heart, lifting the frequencies no matter what the world was moving through.

There is a spectacle called sunrise, that dissolves the darkness of night

As we approach autumn, the planet mercury will appear to slow down and reverse into what is known as retrograde; better described as a SPOT LIGHT or LIFE IN SLOW MOTION. This is extremely supportive for awakening as it offers the influence of revealing consequences of inattention to detail and misinformation, wrong assumptions, as well as revealing errors in previously established beliefs. Retrograde is often a period when truth sets things straight.

Watching life change and adjust with new insights and hidden truths revealed, it’s helpful to hold your happiest excitement for life in your heart and view all change as if summer leaves are now turning amber and gold, culminating in a carpet of mini trampolines to jump in with your pup and friends. The playfulness of a child makes all change and revelational truth exciting, no matter how different the world will appear as more and more light shines through.

It’s darkest before dawn, and when the light breaks through…new life and ecstasy