Purva Ashada

Change means…
life had room for improvement

   As the ascension cycle continues to amp up over the next few years we will find ourselves in deeper and deeper states of inner reflection which require a thorough release of negative patterns, habits, character traits, beliefs, behaviors, relationships and negative ideas about self and life. These must dissolve to align with the higher realities.

If something is not functioning well in your life,
it’s not you…
its a trapped trauma, negative belief or spiritual fragmentation.
Once you release the blockages and heal your soul your life will transform

and many things around you will change for the better.

  The current astrological transit of Purva Ashada is supporting us while we search out and locate our own weaknesses. The best way in… is through your own pain. Dive deep, even if you feel intense fear or dread. Beneath the thorns of the subconscious you will always find diamonds.

 There is no way around this for anyone. We are all under the spotlight right now and the energies will continue to brighten each day until we have purified our body, mind and soul to match the higher frequencies and intensities this cycle of time continually introduces.

The message of Purva Ashada is:

~Don’t give in to things that harm you or others, or they will triple in pain next year.

(for example, blame, hate, rage, drama, fighting, antagonism, fear, lies, self pity, self degradation, addictions, deviant actions or lack of integrity.)

~Release fear and attachments to things that drain you, to increase your energy.

   This is not a time to fear, it’s an opportunity to imagine a new self and a new future, to pave a beautiful path to the elevated levels we enter next year, that will carry us as high as we allow them to.

Blessings on your inner journey my friends


Beneath the trauma and pain of the subconscious
there is a bright beautiful light that will show you the way.
There is nothing to fear once you pass through and dissolve
the most terrifying and dark barriers of the subconscious mind.