Blast from the Past

Advertising is an art form
presenting ideas in words and visuals
that are generally compelling and convincing,
but not always well researched or entirely true.


A walk down memory lane…Adds from the 1900’s

“Winston Cigarettes, when you’re smoking for two.”

“Butter sticks for breakfast. Great for your child’s heart.”

“Nothing does it like Heineken.”

“Budweiser Sleeping Aid for toddlers” 

It’s never too soon to introduce your baby to soda pop according to the Soda Pop board of America.

Liquid Opium was used to put children into a semi coma while parents entertained in the 40’s and 50’s


Cocaine candy was promoted to deaden a child’s sweet tooth 

Giving children candy every day for energy was strongly supported in the 50’s

Why suffer while your child has the flu? Liquid aspirin from the 50’s contained more alcohol than beer and put children into a state of mental confusion, possible cardiovascular collapse and respiratory failure, however, parents were able to  continue with social plans. 

Thorazine for children 1 month to 10 years of age

Thorazine May CAUSE nausea and vomiting, so parents were instructed to just give the child more. Thorazine was found to cause psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and manic depression.


Added vitamin B1 was used to promote donuts, however, white flour comes with just enough B1 to deplete your child of all the other important B vitamins.

Johnson Revolvers were marketed as absolutely safe for toddlers

Promoting the public to begin each day with Vodka and a ciggy 

Cure your alcoholism by drinking “copious amounts” of cocaine syrup in port wine. 

Doctor’s recommend Camel cigarettes.

You wanted freedom, emancipation and empowerment.
You’ve come a long way baby, now women have the privilege to smoke just like men.

“Philip Morris now offers discounts on turkeys, milk, soft drinks, and laundry detergent with the purchase of tobacco products, saving you money for diapers.”

Philip Morris, helping women all over the globe believe they can look like a glamor queen and increase self esteem by smoking. 

Hydrogenated fats for happiness

 Toxic Asbestos Pads for your dining table. 

liquid asbestos spray has now been banned as it has been proven to cause cancer

Need a little pick me up? Sign up for electro – tonic therapy and zap more energy into your brain. Many patients report the added benefit of not even remembering who they are or their horrible past.

Life getting you down? No worries, get a quick and easy Lobotomy.
You’ll never be the same again.

Not up for electroshock or that lobotomy yet? Not a problem, take LSD and enter a whole new world.

 Promotion to drink away your troubles 


Many of these adds ran successfully for more than 40 years, and still hold influence over the population. What is the media selling us now?