In the movie Dr. Strangelove, Slim Pickens plays a character who, in the midst of repairing the hydraulics on a bomber plane mid flight finds himself in a most unfortunate position of being dropped from the release door sitting atop a nuclear bomb. Instead of fear, regret, or panic, Mel chooses to ride the bomb to its destructive end as if it were a horse in a rodeo, swinging his cowboy hat and yelling WAHOOOO the whole way down. This is celebration! And this is Blissipline.

When we celebrate those things
we would regularly fear, judge, or condemn,
we change our relationship with life.

   Feel the difference between dreading a hard workout verses surrendering to the pain and strain as if it were something to be excited about. Feel the difference between the empty longing of cutting calories verses welcoming the emptiness and allowing the void to be a deeply fulfilling experience. Your mind can make anything good or bad, fun or not so fun, so why not make fear your friend, absence a form of fulfillment, and challenge an avenue for greater personal empowerment.

   Blissipline is having the discipline to celebrate being loved just as much as being hated, to enjoy winning and to embrace losing, to open to the good times and love ourselves through the hard times. No matter what life brings our way, Blissipline allows us to enjoy every day.


Dec 2015, Ehsida


You can do anything when you believe in yourself!