Change Is Upon Us

Early in 2020 I shared a video stating EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE due to the drastic realignment of planets and elements they represent, shifting life from the “Industrial Revolution – materialistic outlook,” such as work and acquisitions being most important, to spending more time at home with those we love, inner contemplation or perhaps cultivating a garden or learning new skills that feed your heart and soul. You Tube carefully suggested I take that video down, which ties into the next great shift we are about to experience.

We are now at the precipice of the culmination of the shift that has already occurred.

Over the next two week to a year… life will change in ways, once again, many may have never expected. At first it may be confusing, as change always is. Up may seem like down and down may seem like up; left right and right left. 

Change never makes any sense until everything settles.

The key to pay attention to is WHY? Why are these events occurring? Never assume you KNOW the WHY because of what you have been taught or previously decided. We will all be re-educated on what is real and what is not. What is possible and what is not. Who we really are and who we really are not.

This is happening on both a micro and macro level.

I don’t mean to be speaking in riddles, however, I do wish to offer comfort that all will settle beautifully for those who research and comprehend the truth, while letting go of illusions that have been taught or assumed. Forget everything you have ever believed and open to infinite possibilities. 

Consider what establishments you trust and why. What authorities you trust and why. What information and sources you trust and why. What aspects of self you trust and why.

At some point in every being’s life they come to the conclusion that the only thing they can ever trust is the spirit within. Deep inside you know the truth, but the mind will always lead us astray if it has been programmed by an outer entity with its own agenda.

As you watch change unfold, focus on what you prefer, such as love, sovereignty, freedom, truth, health, abundance and expanding consciousness. Your experience will depend on how open you are to change and how focused you are on what you really prefer.

This is the most exiting time to be alive on planet earth

May the light within guide you to the outrageous treasures unfolding



Forget Everything, Assume Nothing, Open to a New Perspective