Foundations of Fulfillment…

Playfulness, Love, Encouragement

   One sunny afternoon I came upon a “Tiny Tots Track Meet” at a field near my home. The wee children appeared so young I couldn’t imagine their little legs carrying them across the field, but they proved me wrong. Each wiggling tyke was eagerly following the guidance of tiny tot teachers situated along the side lines and things seemed to be going splendidly.

   A relay of sorts was underway when one little chap in blue shorts dropped the nerf baton and had to back track once he realized it was missing, setting his team far behind. When the final relay runner received the spongy wand he appeared very alone with no one around to run with.

  Looking discouraged and on the verge of tears, “Mom to the rescue” ran to the edge of the mini track yelling, GO RAY, GO RAY, GO RAY!! Then dad appeared and chimed in, GO RAY, GO RAY, GO RAY, both beaming with pride for their precious child meandering alone on a vast track with the rest of the toddlers way up ahead.

   This triggered a crowd response and suddenly every bystander began yelling GO RAY, GO RAY, GO RAY, and I have to say, I teared up. The feeling we get when loving support and encouragement arrive for someone very alone, afraid and in need, is beyond heartwarming.

   Little Ray perked up as his tiny head peeked around at the crowd, wondering how he suddenly had so many friends that knew his name. With a shy grin on his face, he decided to GO GO GO as fast as his little legs could carry him, while mom and dad stayed close by with loving encouragement. 

   Meanwhile, the other toddlers were looking back at Ray, losing their own forward motion. Some even stopped to wait for him, and within a short period little Ray was almost all caught up. With beaming smiles on their wee faces, the tots crossed the finish line pretty much all together.

   To every loving parent or guardian in this world, thank you for your love, encouragement and support. Even bystanders benefit!

Happy Mother’s Day!

“It’s amazing what a little encouragement can do.”

Winnie Harlow


Revised and reposted from 2018, Ehsida