Cinderella’s Magic


“Where there is kindness there is goodness,
and where there is goodness there is magic.”


   Goodness, kindness and generosity are acts of giving we don’t expect anything in return for, nor do we imagine to be compensated for loss or pain. The universe on the other hand, wants to reward you for every loving choice you’ve made and reimburse you for times when life has appeared unfair.

There is one catch, however, you must open to receive.

   When you call on the law of Divine Restoration you are declaring your willingness to have goodness reflected back to you, and reimbursement for anything that appears lost or no longer in reach.

    For parents, grandparent, children, and friends who give and give and give without feeling acknowledged or rewarded.  For those who are on a healing journey doing everything right but unable to shake the ailment. For those who put all they have into a relationship yet still experience a lack of intimacy or harmony. For those who have lost loved ones and want the aching pain to be replaced with a love that soothes the past.

   For those who eat well and exercise but don’t seem to have the physical results they deserve. For actors who have gone on numerous auditions without booking the job. For those who put out quality work without the reward they hoped for. For business people who work overtime to clear projects only to have more work stacked on their desk.  For anyone who has ever done their best only to realize more is required…open to Divine Restoration and your good will begin to flow more abundantly to you. 

Declare your willingness to receive out loud each morning and night:

I call forth the powers of Divine Restoration. Blessings that have been missed, lost, or taken  flow back to me now in soothing, healing, nourishing ways. All the grace and positive energy I have radiated returns to me tenfold. Good fortune, vitality, strength, infinite rewards and ceaseless abundance enter my life in wise and wonderful ways. I give thanks for the power of Divine Restoration in mind, body, spirit and affairs now!

Fairy dust falls

   Thank you for playing. May you be blessed beyond your happiest imagination, healed to your core and acknowledged in rewarding and uplifting ways that sooth your heart and soul forever more.

Ehsida Bisset

Post date- Jan/2016

Reference: Special Thanks to Catherine Ponder and Gif makers