“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; 
thy ROD and thy STAFF they comfort me.”

Psalms 23:4 

    The Rod and Staff are very important components of the light body, imperative to embodying more of our soul and a state of consciousness that allows a neutral perspective, eliminating drama, suffering and fear.

   Many friends from the 80’s and 90’s may recall our sessions beginning with a guided Micro Cosmic Orbit meditation. The Micro Cosmic Orbit is one of the most important exercises we can do to strengthen the light body, rehabilitate the Rod and Staff, rejuvenate the physical body and awaken more mental peace and spiritual power, which is why I still practice it every day.

   The Micro Cosmic Orbit is the first step
toward strengthening the ROD and STAFF 

   The Rod and Staff are meant to be a built in comfort for us and indeed they are, yet life on planet earth generally weakens the light body, disconnecting us from our soul and higher aspects, leading to reversals, dis-ease, fear, depression and chaos. Just imagine this fellow in the image below without his Staff of light. He would be in complete darkness, and quite blind.

   The Staff is the vertical channel of energy running through the light body. It’s the Magnetic Feminine energy which connects with the 13th, 14th and 15th rays above. The Rod is the Masculine Electric energy of the horizontal platform, which is only faintly shown in this image above. Together these form a cross. This light body configuration, once activated, will basically resurrects and strengthen our original divine blueprint, bringing the higher aspects of self on line, offering pure inner peace.

Once the light body is strong, your inner senses open,
allowing you to see things more clearly.
When you see things more clearly

   Building, strengthening and balancing the Rod and Staff in the light body will also balance the Masculine Feminine aspect of the being. In fact, these are the energetic Masculine and Feminine aspects. Once these two are balanced, activated and in place, we come into alignment with the Masculine Feminine principles of this multiverse….The God Worlds. (This is a basic mini outline of a vast transformation that is quite complicated to describe.)

The God Worlds

   The God worlds are the creation fields in the 13th 14th and 15th dimensions. These rays of light, consciousness, frequency and energy combined, form the higher intelligence of creation.

   The 13th, 14th and 15th rays are also referred to as the Holy Mother, Holy Father, Holy Child…or God, the Source of our Genesis. Once our Rod and Staff are repaired in the light body, we are able to merge with the 13th, 14th and 15th rays, and interact with the God Worlds, traveling in consciousness with multidimensional freedom as we were always meant to. There is nothing more powerful than direct connection with your true Source.

   An intact and activated lightbody is every human’s birth right, yet the Fallen Sun and the implosion of Tara culminated in planet earth falling into the lowest density of this multiverse; the valley of the shadow of death.

   As humans acclimated to this lower density with constant warring, fear and pain, they eventually disconnected from all communication links with the God head, being left without any true information regarding who they really are and what the light body can do when activated. We have been living in a very unnatural state separated from our support systems, our Divine Mother principle, Divine Father principle, our higher consciousness and the nourishing comfort streams from above. 

   This is all being repaired at this time as part of the ascension. We are simply going through the death throws of the old dark era, as the higher frequencies enter this plane, bringing the shadow and darkness to the surface for one final blast of the past for all to observe. You can be certain this darkness shall pass.

You are a multidimensional being existing on many dimensions

   Practicing the microcosmic orbit every morning and night will help rebuild the light body and strengthen the corrections for the Rod And Staff, which will bring more comfort within and repair the connection links with your higher aspects.

Micro Cosmic Orbit Meditation

   The Micro Cosmic Orbit is an orbit of energy around our body that mirrors the orbit of energy in the Macro Cosmos. As above so below. The electrons, protons, and neutrons all spinning within us are connected with the cosmos. As we align our spin rate with the higher worlds again, we merge with the higher realms.

   The back channel in red above is masculine and electric.  The front channel in blue above, is feminine and magnetic. We want to connect these two in a circuit of flowing loving energy to merge the masculine and feminine lines, generating more light and energy to help support the Rod and Staff. Love between these two circuits is the activation spark.

   Begin at the naval and move down to the perineum, then up the spine, over the top of the head and down the front of the face. Place your tongue at the roof of the mouth behind the front teeth to connect the circuit, and move the energy back down the front of the body into the perineum and back up the spine, head, and the face and back down the front line again into the naval.  Make this circuit as many times as you wish and end in the naval center. You always begin and end in the naval center until you are guided to place the energy in another center.

If you practice this diligently each day, you will feel many positive shifts occur.

   Mantak Chia is a GrandMaster of Qi Gong. This is a lengthy video, offering very important health benefits that may strengthen the light body and the internal organs to establish greater mental and emotional well being. If you are only interested in the Micro Cosmic Orbit, forward the video  to 17:26 to build the electric ball of chi, or forward to 21:31 to begin the orbit. This Orbit circuit ends at the 25:50 mark in the video and then moves to a more advanced cycle. 

  Your body is a chalice or cup of energy. As your light overflows the benefits may seem miraculous. Practice every day for best results.

“My cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”

Psalms 23:4



Mantak Chia
Ascension Glossary