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“A lie can travel half way around the world
While the truth is still putting on its shoes.”

Mark Twain

   Throughout history opium rode a fluctuating wave of being peddled as the most valued hallucinogen, the most dangerous poison, to the most relied upon income for governments and shop keepers throughout China, India and Europe. Billions of dollars were made in the opium trade before the dire consequences of opium screamed too loudly for the general public to ignore, and a quiet ‘subdue’ cast its shadow over public opium markets in the 1950, only to be replaced with the tobacco trade.  

   The power of persuasion through Hollywood and advertising hooked millions of unwitting customers on tobacco almost instantly, enticing the funding of their own suffering and demise. Watching masses die of lung, throat, tongue, lip and skin cancer as well as dementia, strokes and other horrific and painful health ailments…while smelling of ash, was not enough for some, as many still smoke today, continuing to buy into propaganda touting it as Kool.

Is it really cool, or does it look a little silly?

   When the general public adheres to advertising executed to profit off the agony and ignorance of the masses, without adding any benefit to life, we have to stop and ask why? Why don’t we take back control of our personal care and think for ourselves? 


   In truth, most people simply don’t understand what they are consenting to. They do as everyone else does to fit in.  Getting high together, suffering together and dying together basically feels more comforting than abstaining from the general consensus…or does it? With the most opulent men in the world continuing to make fortunes from the wretchedness of their victims, it’s time we take a look at what we ingest, what we agree to and what we do to fit in. 

“The more profoundly you move inside yourself, 
the more incomprehensible you become to others, 
because they live on the surface.”


   Many times I go out with friends only to discover I’m the only one that does not drink alcohol. The group looks at me incredulous. Why don’t you drink? What’s wrong with you? Are you an alcoholic? Are you sick? Are you pregnant? No, I simply value my health, awareness and sovereignty. Why is that so odd?

   Having been shunned from many circles due to my abstinence I have found new circles. The beautiful thing is, even though there are periods when we may feel dejected, attacked, shamed, humiliated, betrayed, belittled, backstabbed, singled out, excommunicated and mocked due to making uncommon choices, others who also choose vitality and sovereignty will find you and treat you with kindness. The more you honor yourself, the more you attract those who will gladly honor, respect and support the wellness of your being.

   This post is not to judge, attack or criticize anyone who smokes, uses drugs or drinks alcohol. I have had a drink or two in my life as well. This is simply a presentation of alternate thinking…of another perspective; of CHOICE.  


   It is said that when Native Americans were first introduced to the “white man’s” alcohol, the Indian Shamans named it ‘Spirits,’ after watching dark spirits enter and feast on the bodies of those who consumed it.

   There are two words used for alcohol in Arabia. One is الغول al-ġawl, which means demon or negative spirit, and one is,  Al Kol, which means Jinn or negative spirit.

   The word alcohol itself was derived from Al-kuhl, which means body eating spirit. The meaning of the word could not describe alcohol any better.

    Have you ever done something you regret after becoming inebriated and wondered what possessed you to do it? Have you ever woken up without any awareness of how you ended up where you awoke, or worse, beside someone you don’t know? ‘What’ moved your body from one place to the next? Have you ever heard stories about what you did when you were drunk without any recollection of doing those things? Who did those things?  Have you ever watched a friend’s life plummet as they rely more and more heavily on alcohol to get through life?

Some say, “But it’s fun.” Is it really?

What is your life worth?

   In many Eastern countries it’s common knowledge that alcohol causes possession and one reason alcohol is illegal in those places, having been linked with mayhem and loss of conscious choice over bodily actions. This may be why some courts give special consideration to those who were under the influence when a crime was committed.

   Perhaps we can suspend the awareness of medical reports that determine alcohol shrinks the brain, killing millions of brain cells, often leading to Alzheimer’s or dementia. That it constricts the heart, lending to heart attacks and strokes; drains the kidneys of vital life force, resulting in accelerated aging, loss of energy, loss of memory and illness. That it damages the liver, gallbladder and spleen, which can lead to emotional challenges such as rage, sadness, delirium and depression. That it compromises immunity, damaging the central nervous system, which can lead to anxiety, nervous breakdowns, panic attacks and mental disorders etc. That is weakens the energetic field meant to protect the body, mind and soul from external attacks such as viruses, electromagnetic pollution, and dangerous outside forces.

   Even if you don’t believe spirits overtake the body through intoxication, it’s obvious people often loose control of their  sovereignty, consciousness, health, dignity, relationships and vitality while under the influence of something else. There is nothing as valuable as consciousness, personal choice, health, love and sovereignty in life! Please don’t give it away willingly.

May all lives be lived sovereign and free


The Wise Magi of old claimed the stars were here to guide us, and the dreaded fixed star of trouble “Algol,”  known as the Demon’s head, is linked directly with Alcohol, as each star represents something on earth that we have the choice to interact with or not.