Course Correction

Action Conquers Fear

   In the 80’s I listened to a young lad named Anthony talk about race car driving. He was so passionate about race car driving I became interested myself.

   Anthony shared that on his first lesson he was put into a simulation car with an instructor. The instructor had a button he could press to lift one of the wheels, causing the car to lose control when least expected.

Anthony’s only job when the car lost control, was to turn his head
toward the safe area of the track and move in that direction.

   At high speed the instructor pressed a hidden button and the car immediately sped out of control heading toward a concrete wall. Instead of doing as the instructor had advised him to do, Anthony panicked and locked his eyes on the wall, imagined the worst, braced himself and froze in petrified fright.

   The instructor physically turned Anthony’s head in the opposite direction and told him to steer toward the inside lane. In sheer terror Anthony  turned the wheel away from the wall, but the “off course” momentum continued to propel them toward a certain crash.

   With his instructor screaming in his ear, Anthony remained focused on the safe lane with all his might and they course corrected in the nick of time. 

Course corrections must be implemented immediately. Timing is everything.

   Anthony used this story as an analogy for success in all areas, sharing the importance of locking onto the direction you want to go in life with absolute resolute focus.

Never waste a nanosecond on imagining the worst.
Focus all your attention on where you want to go IMMEDIATELY.
Put 1000 % of your intent, energy, attention and power
into the most positive direction your life can go.

This includes relationships, diet, exercise, health, work,
personal care, enlightenment, change and self talk!

Where does your life need a course correction?

   Anthony’s advice worked out quite well for him. You may have heard of him. He is known today, 30 years later, as Tony Robbins.

Go race car driver go!

June 2016 Ehsida Bisset