Reclaim Your Essence

Innocence is our greatest treasure; 
our messenger of peace and kindness; 
our bridge between heaven and hu-man.

   While contemplating a rare and unprecedented trauma, I found myself in a death grip with it. What to do?  I surrendered, dove deep to its core and said, “Give it your best shot. If the agony of this pain is to kill me, take me now.” Deeper and deeper I dove through oceans of tears and torment until all at once I reached the core… the root of the pain…the trigger that would not let go until I acknowledged it. 

The loss of innocence. 

   Like a small child led to a field under the pretense of meeting a puppy only to be left there, abandoned on purpose.  What happens to that child? It changes. It closes down.  It becomes confused, scared and forsaken. It loses its childlike innocence, its ability to trust, to love, to play happily, to be carefree…to grow to be who they came here to be.

   I sat with this for a moment contemplating those who consciously cause the loss of innocence in others. Their own innocence must have been lost long ago. What is there to forgive? Pure compassion. They too have felt this same pain.

   The child who is sexually abused. The hard worker continually left without enough to feed his/her family. The parent who loses a child, or a lover who’s partner chooses another. Events like this take something from us, if we allow them to.

   The loss of innocence is the most dangerous core pain we can experience because it hardens us. It can shut down the heart and block the soul, and we can’t let that happen. I decided in that moment to reclaim my innocence, to trust life and love and people just as I had as a child. To not let anyone or anything take away the most precious part of me… to keep my heart alive and free to love and enjoy every moment I have left to live.

    Those who make a different choice live with their pain by stealing other people’s happiness so they don’t feel so alone. We all have a duty to our soul to maintain our divinity in spite of the pain in life. Dive deep, find the root, and reclaim your divine essence. It’s the greatest power you contain.

No matter what life hands out my dear friends, remember, you are always loved.