Do You Know Where You’re Going To?


   The unity fields; the first level of creation closest to Source, is where we come from.
The creation fields consist of frequencies, colors and sounds that form mathematical and geometrical creations birthed with life, consciousness and animation. 

are the actual tones of creation
that form the living light manifestation of unity consciousness
and the original eternal life forms.
That’s us.

   As we make our journey into the lower dimensions we experience separation, devastation, manipulation, de-construction and obliteration of the memory of our original codes and of the creation field.

Our journey on earth is to re-unify and re-align
with these harmonious fields and light Codes
to eventually return home… filled with other worldly adventures.

   Many friends on earth exist as a reminder of our true nature. The tulips and daisies grow side by side with reverence, enjoying their own unique Creation Codes and the variety within all forms.

Bumble Bees and Flowers play together harmoniously,
helping each other thrive…never once forgetting who they are to each other.

Dogs and Dolphins acknowledge the light within each other,
kissing noses; smiling at their contrast with open hearts.

   Flowers, herbs, fruits and vines exist in awe of the miracle of life and of each other, living in harmony; anchoring the unity frequencies on earth. The tiniest blade of grass and the tallest tree see each other as equals and imperative to existence.

Whether we are birthed from a body, from the earth, or an egg,
we spring from the creation fields… from the sounds, colors and frequencies of Source.

   Whether our blueprint is imprinted with significant pigment, or none at all, whether we have feathers, skin, fur or leaves; whether we use words, quacks or sonics to sing, we are all from the original essence of creation. 

   When we embrace this we are on our way home.
When we remain caught in the illusion of duality, separation and division
within this 3D realm,
 we separate from our true nature
and from the Source of our Creation.

   If you ever feel disconnected, separate or rageful toward another being during this epic window of ascension, imagine yourself a wise oak tree and the one you feel separate from as a willow, birch or sycamore.
Although you may be different, your soul essence shares the same heaven. We all exist to play our original part.

    We ascend with unity, harmony, love and anchoring the sacred peace of Source within. We fall lower with hatred, separation, anger, fear, worry and destruction. These two very opposite choices lead to two very opposite destinations, and we are all on our way to a new home this year.

Do you know where you’re goin’ to?
Do you like the things that life is showin’ you?
Where are you goin’ to? Do you know?



Song Mahogany
Vocals ~ Diana Ross
Lyrics by
Gerry Goffin, Michael Masser