Do You See What”They” See?

“The important thing is to never stop questioning.”

~ Albert Einstein

   The other day I hauled out my white plastic Macbook Pro from the 90’s. It stores many of my old stories and blogs from 1987 to 1999, but it can no longer upload new files, access email or internet.

   One of the treasures I found on that old computer was a note I made about a conversation with a 25 year old girl from Estonia. Our conversation involved a cool web-site honoring Centenarians; people who live to 100 and beyond. Her comment to me was, “That’s a funny prank, everyone knows no one lives past 65 years of age.” I thought she was kidding, but as the conversation continued I realized in her reality of the world every one of her relatives in Estonia passed on or before their 65th year. It did not matter to her that I had grandparents in their 80’s, she was unable to conceive of the idea that any human could live beyond 65 years of age. By the way, she entered America on a scholarship to an Ivy League University, top of her class.

    Today I realized her mind was like my white Macbook Pro, filled with very valuable information, but it had not been upgraded with the new intel available.

   This reminded me of another friend who had been gung ho about a very prestigious corporation she wanted to be involved with, so she joined with them to promote their ideas and rally for donations. Twenty years later she has witnessed behind the scenes actions, realizing all the money she raised for them funded nefarious and unethical practices that harm humanity and specifically children. Her software has been upgraded. The veil has been lifted. Millions of people who still donate to this corporation attack her when she shares her upgraded files. Upgraded people appear loony to those running on old software. 

   In the world today we see a lot of conflict between those who have various levels of upgrades, and those running on dissimilar software programs. These are all good people with mismatched angles of understanding and contrasting perspectives.

  Every person alive has a unique view of the world, and the mastery of life is to love each other in spite of that. 

On Monday, August 21st we have a new moon within a major solar eclipse magnetizing our frequencies, impregnating our lives and the world with more of what we stand for in those moments.
Choose Love.