Elixir of Life


   There is an elixir swirling around the universe
that heals all wounds, transforms all pain,
uplifts the spirit and inspires the soul.
Nothing can stand in the way of this immense power. 

   You know this power well. It lives inside of you. You have complete control over how to activate it, grow it, share it and infuse your life with it. It is the most important ingredient in each moment, yet, many people never tap into it. Many have forgotten how powerful and beautiful and potent it is. You may have guessed, this divine elixir is love.

   How do we cultivate love when circumstances are chaotic and troubling? How do we love when someone is cruel, frustrating or unconscious? How do we apply love to heal our lives and uplift the world when we feel sad? 

   Your inner child finds this easy and wants to do it all the time.
What does the inner child know that many ‘adults’ have forgotten?


   Playfulness and love go hand in hand. When you are playful, you are childlike and love grows naturally, blessing everyone you meet with your glowing elixir.

   Allow your inner child to drag you out into nature even when you have a million things to do. Allow your inner child to tell you funny jokes, giggle at the silliness of things, and point out the wonders of life all around you. Notice the miracle of your very own body, the life you have created, those you love, the birds, the trees, your family and share abundantly. The more you give the more you receive…especially in nature. 

Love makes your heart and spirit bloom

February 2018, Ehsida