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The Epic Power of Chosen Words

“Words are, of course,
the most powerful drug used by mankind.” 

~ Rudyard Kipling

   After numerous bake sales and student car washes my high school athletics team raised enough supplemental abundance to venture to Hawaii for a track meet. My exuberant excitement was initially rooted in the vision of pristine white sandy beaches, new friends and sunshine, so I was surprised to discover something very unforeseen surpass that. 

   Amid the beauty of the tropics, I found myself in an environment that unexpectedly activated my soul, leading me to reinvent myself at the tender age of 16. As odd as it may seem, it was not travel, beauty, or the newness of it all… it was the language. 

   The Hawaiian language consists of only 7 consonants and 5 vowels, so words have double and triple meanings, adding great impact to their power. How do you feel when you hear the word aloha? It’s soothing, friendly, uplifting and peaceful. 

   This is the nature of vowels. Many ancient languages were highly infiltrated with vowels to ignite the spirit so communication remained at its peak. This is why most meditations begin with Ommmmmmm, or Aummmm. It’s the frequency of the vowels that stimulate our inner centers or chakras. In layman’s terms, certain sonics heal and ignite the endocrine system to activate or strengthen higher human powers, such as clairsentience and clairvoyance. (There was one full month in 1994 that I spent almost all my free time humming vowels in my meditations, and that accelerated my spiritual growth faster than almost anything else I have done.)

   Aloha translates as, “from the heart.” To the Hawaiian’s, aloha has many meanings, including love, compassion, mercy, peace, wisdom and reverence for self and others.  If you begin with aloha, you establish the foundation of pure unconditional love in communication.

   It was not until I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming with Dr. Matt, who grew up in Hawaii, that I came to understand what the magic of the Hawaiian language is. What I am about to share is a glimpse of what he taught me.

   Every word in the Hawaiian language has multiple meanings based on how we interpret the letters. Each letter in aloha, for example, has its own meaning. 

A in aloha is from ao, which means light; putting our focus on light, awareness, awakening; lighting a path for harmonious communications by seeing the needs of self and others clearly.

L in aloha stands for lokahi, which means oneness with all life. It means what I do to you I do to myself. If I am loving to you, I benefit myself. If I hurt you, I hurt myself.

O in aloha stands for ‘oia’i’o, which is to be sincere, authentic, genuine and honest. Without opening our hearts and sharing the truth we can not have oneness, we cannot increase love and connection.

H of aloha stands for ha’aha’a which is to see others as equal; to be humble. When we are humble we don’t play games, we don’t feel competitive or controlling. If we are busy trying to win, or prove ourselves with agenda, we are not in the heart and we can not have a real connection.

A at the end of aloha stands for ahonui, meaning, good things are worth waiting for…patients and perseverance. Living from the heart sees beyond conflict, while continually embracing love for those who are open to meeting us there.

   Aloha is divine love from the heart, establishing harmony and true connection. Vowels and beautiful words create a vibration that touches and feeds the soul. Love to the soul is like oxygen to the body.  This is why uplifting words increase love, and careless words may cause others to love a little bit less.

May all your words and intentions be drenched with Aloha this Valentines Day and beyond, for the most beautiful connections that lead to even greater love and spiritual fulfillment.


As you enjoy this song, feel the difference in your heart when the musicians shift from English into the Hawaiian language and back into English.

Special thanks to the Master of Music D.H.