Equal in Opposite

“The way you reverse something…
the way you remove something…
you create an energy pattern that is equal in opposite
to what you are dealing with.”

C. Thomas

   Bundled head to toe in cozy woolen gear I ventured into the woods to deepen my conversation with nature, only to find the birds, butterflies and bees playfully at ease even without woolen scarfs and mittens. Their warm hearted dance flitting from one smiling flower to the next; celebrating each blissful moment, appeared to transmute the bitter morning air.

   Many of us use this technique every day. How many times have you increased your own integrity when accosted by someone who has none? How many times have you smiled warmly at someone after they scowled in your direction? How many times have you given a compliment in reply to an insult? For all the alchemists out there, the answer will be EVERY TIME.

Facing challenge with energy that is equal in opposite to the issue, 
helps us access higher time lines or higher probabilities.

   How can you express yourself in such a way that you act as a light, an uplifter, a sound pillar of strength, integrity, and goodness, that is equal in opposite to the challenges in the world right now?

As alchemists of the twenty first century, this is our mission.

Thank you for your contributions. You make a difference!

May 2015 Ehsida Bisset