Eternal Sunshine

It’s a wondrous thing how nature brings out the child within

    A beautiful campus near my home is surrounded by breathtaking trails, lush vegetable patches, fruit trees, flower gardens, bee hives, trickling streams and roaming chickens.

   On a hike one day, Kenny the caretaker introduced me to the chickens by name and told me I was welcome to feed them fruits and veggies, so I started bringing organic blueberries a few times a week. If you want to make friends with chickens, offer them organic blueberries. When they see me walking along the path now, they welcome me with open wings and chicken clucks that I can only imagine mean, “Oh goodie, here come the blueberries.”

   Last Sunday I arrived with twice the amount of blueberries than usual not knowing why, and as I kneeled down to feed the chickens I heard the happy giggling of children and their parents moving along the path. When the children saw the chickens they ran over with great excitement, wanting to feed the chickens blueberries too.

   The parents stood by watching as a few tiny tots sat by my side while others gripped my shoulders for balance. As children do, they knew the chickens must have names and inquired about each one. Then they told me about blowing bubbles over breakfast and shared their excitement about being on their way to Mia’s birthday party.

   The innocence, trust, openness and wonder exuding from these tiny angels brought me right back to my own childhood, and I wished with all my heart that I could be filled with that same exuberant childlike sunshine once again.

   Back on the path to their party, I watched as they skipped and twirled their way through nature completely thrilled and enthralled with every little thing; totally trusting and in love with existence.

   The rest of the afternoon I pondered what happens as we grow? What makes us forget those childhood qualities that turn a cloudy Sunday into a celebration of life? Do we get so busy we are willing to give up the most beautiful aspects of our spirit to get things done?  

   Can we breathe more deeply and open to the magic, wonder and goodness of life with eternal sunshine in our hearts at any age or era?

Of course we can! Play along with me!

3-17-18, Ehsida


It takes a very long time to become young again