Faith in Tomorrow

   IN THE 80’s AND 90’s BREAKING HEADLINES REVEALED PRESCHOOLS AND CHILDCARE CENTERS under investigation; many connected to underground child trafficking rings. People were shocked, thinking things were getting worse, yet child trafficking had been a horrific problem for hundreds of years without any exposure. MORE CHILD TRAFFICKING RINGS ARE BEING DISMANTLED EACH YEAR NOW.

   IN 1998 DECEPTION AND SEXUAL IMPROPRIETIES SURFACED IN THE WHITE HOUSE, beginning a cascade of reveal involving inappropriate behavior within the political system, leading to many arrests. On September 2, 2020 hundreds of top names within the United States political system, both Democrat and Republican were released revealing sexual crimes and convictions, mostly involving children. People have been continually appalled by corrupt politicians and their inappropriate behavior, believing things were getting worse, but AS CORRUPTION IS EXPOSED THINGS GET BETTER.

   IN 2001 THE TWIN TOWERS AND BUILDING SEVEN WENT DOWN, leading to more Draconian measures across the globe. Private journalists, authors, architects, physicists, firemen, policemen, bloggers and vloggers began investigating, revealing undeniable facts that exposed corruption in high places most people would have never believed possible. Awakening citizens were frightened, thinking the world was heading in the wrong direction. Yet  CORRUPTION WITHIN THE SYSTEM WAS FINALLY BEING EXPOSED.

   IN 2005 REPORTS OF SEXUAL ABUSE WITHIN RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE started receiving wide spread notice. People were appalled, wondering what this world was coming to, yet rampant pedophelia within religious groups had been going on behind closed doors for hundreds of years. Now people were learning the truth. THINGS WERE GETTING BETTER.

   IN 2008 THE HOUSING MARKET CRASHED AND THE BANKS WERE BAILED OUT INSTEAD OF THE PEOPLE. Banks threw extravagant parties with the bail out money while citizens left their homes to live on the streets. The movie, THE BIG SHORT, based on a 2010 book of the same title, revealed the ugly details of the banking cartels evading all responsibility for their crimes and the unprecedented power they wielded. In 2015 banks began selling Collateral Debt Obligations once again under a new label. This time people saw right through the scheme that would only enrich the banksters. THINGS STARTED TO GET BETTER.

   IN 2015 POWERFUL HOLLYWOOD NAMES WERE EXPOSED FOR SEXUAL ABUSE. Sex trafficking rings and pedophile rings involving elite Hollywood networks were revealed and big names convicted. People were broken hearted finding some of their favorite movie moguls were sexual predators, fearing the world was falling to ruin.  Awakening citizens pulled their attention away from false idols and invested in more worthy endeavors, seeing Hollywood in a new light. THINGS WERE GETTING BETTER.

   IN 2020 NEWS OF A PANDEMIC WAS ANNOUNCED AROUND THE WORLD locking down businesses, shutting down the global economy. The public was outraged and terrified. Private journalists, vloggers, bloggers, doctors, nurses, presidents, prime ministers and leaders around the world did their own research, revealing factual evidence that exposed some of the top world organizations for corruption and collusion. THINGS HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF GETTING BETTER NOW.

   As the old corrupt structures continue to be revealed and dismantled, things may look worse, but IT’S ALL LEADING TO A BETTER TOMORROW.  Don’t lose hope, glorious days are ahead as more people embrace the truth and make better choices.