Follow the Yellow Brick Bike Path

   Bright yellow brick shaped lines pave a parallel path moving West to the ocean and East to the mountains along a tranquil little mini lane hidden by tall trees aside a trickling stream. Tanned bodies in colorful trunks carrying waxy surf boards with beaming white smiles traverse this path regularly, leaving the lingering scent of copper tone suntan lotion in the air. Joggers from 15 to 85 wiggle along the outskirts of the mini road in light shorts and t-shirts, receiving kindness, and encouragement from those who pass. “Good job! You can do it! Keep going! Looking good!”

Each time I venture the path ~ either on bike or on foot ~ I’m greeted with, “Happy day! What a fantastic morning! Isn’t life great! Nice bike! Have a great one!”  Never ending praise, love and upliftment radiate from one end to the other. I often celebrate with extra smiles or a little dance each time I return from the path knowing I have once again wandered into a magical mystical zone that bridges dimensions, because this is exactly what the path represents.

As numerous mainstream physicists, and scientists will tell you, many dimensions exist, all composed of their very own reality. The higher dimensions hold higher vibrations and brighter energies. The lower vibrations are darker, less luminous and often very dense and discouraging to experience. We literally move from one dimension to the next moment to moment like the frames of a film passing through a conscious movie projector. We don’t usually recognize this unless there is a vast difference from one dimension to the next – or one screen to the next – because the scenery will all appear for the most part, the same. The difference is in how we feel.

What determines the dimension you visit? Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions. Have you ever stubbed your toe getting out of bed and somehow the whole day goes pretty much like that? Pain can take us into the darker realms, and it if we focus on the pain, it becomes more challenging to get back up into the higher realms.

Have you ever been in love and no matter what happens nothing can bring you down. You could stub both big toes and just giggle and say, “Isn’t life grand!” It’s not what happens to us, it’s our state of being and what we focus on that matters.

Love itself is the key to remaining in the higher dimensions

Love itself is the key to the higher dimensions. It doesn’t matter if you’re in love with the blue sky,  bees drinking nectar from flowers or your partner, as long as you’re feeling love and appreciating life, you’re on your way to higher and higher dimensions. When you include yourself in what you appreciate you reach the highest dimensions and end up in the “magical zones” where everyone around you is positive, uplifting and fun!

The yellow brick bike path I enjoy lives on the boundary line of “Point Conception,” a very powerful vortex or entry point for positive energy. Some areas are more conducive to the higher dimensions and some are more conducive to chaos. Location, Location, Location. It’s always worth investing whatever it takes to live in an area that makes you feel good.

Take your happy with you wherever you go!

Find your yellow brick road, and you’ll meet the people you harmonize with the most and be drawn to places that make it impossible to wipe that beautiful smile from your face.